Ninety-four percent of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategy. But are they taking full advantage of the platform?
4 Ways Marketers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn
  • 628
  • 11/20
  • Tessa Wegert
LinkedIn Lists, the latest step in the company's quest to become the definitive professional publishing platform, will be released quarterly.
Business Mags Should Be Very Afraid of LinkedIn Lists
  • 538
  • 11/06
  • Joe Lazauskas
LinkedIn's new tool represents the merging of their own content marketing expertise and huge user base with Bizo’s lead generation and analytics savvy.
LinkedIn Launches Lead Accelerator on Heels of Bizo Acquisition
  • 1.1K
  • 04/07
  • Nick Rojas
Managing social media - like any other craft - takes a bit of courage and creativity, in addition to competence, to rise above the noise and get noticed.
38 Quick Tips to Boost Your Content’s Social Engagement
  • 1.1K
  • 02/05
  • Gary Dek
Increasing visibility through social engagement is a vital part of building consumer trust. Learn why your customers don't trust you & how to fix that.
How to Use Social Engagement to Build Consumer Trust
  • 863
  • 01/29
  • Katherine Halek
LinkedIn is reportedly the most effective social media platform in terms of content creation and distribution. Is it part of your strategy?
How Using LinkedIn Helps Content Marketing Succeed
  • 829
  • 12/08
  • Riley Wilson
Not only can branded social media garner a larger following & boost traffic, it can also influence leads & conversion rates for companies in any industry.
Using Branded Social Media Profiles to Promote Content
  • 3.3K
  • 11/20
  • Brad Kuenn
Social media has gone beyond just sharing and liking; marketers & publishers are now commonly weaving social into their content distribution strategies.
  • 858
  • 11/14
  • Riley Wilson
If you aren’t using multiple distribution channels in tandem with promotion, you could be missing opportunities to share content with prospects & followers.
Blending Content Promotion and Distribution for Marketing Success
  • 3.8K
  • 10/10
  • Brad Kuenn
To maximize your ability to distribute content, diversify or repurpose it with these techniques so that you can reach a variety of new channels.
My 5 Favorite Ways to Reuse and Distribute Content
  • 2.6K
  • 10/03
  • Arnie Kuenn
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