The number of shares an article receives can be crucial to content marketers looking to understand the key components of a viral marketing success.
Which Platforms and Publishers Dominate Social
  • 857
  • 09/25
  • Kelsey Libert
After spending $4,500 on native ads, this experiment suggests that content discovery networks are the most cost effective solution for scaling distribution.
Native Advertising Wars
  • 12.2K
  • 09/11
  • Chad Pollitt
If content lives on the Internet but no one sees it, does it really exist? Without distribution even the most creative content might not ever be discovered.
How to Build a Perfect Content Distribution Strategy
  • 1.4K
  • 09/09
  • Dawn Papandrea
Take your organization's LinkedIn activity to the next level by positioning the company as an industry expert using these five recommendations.
5 Ways for Organizations To Be Thought Leaders on LinkedIn
  • 2.6K
  • 09/08
  • Fernando Cuscuela
Effective content promotion is more than just sharing links. A small effort to customize content promotion across multiple platforms can have a big impact.
Content Promotion: Your Link Is Not Enough
  • 10.6K
  • 09/08
  • Anton Rius
LinkedIn targets the $50 billion B2B marketing solutions segment by building the ultimate marketing platform that does everything except create content.
What LinkedIn’s Big Bet on Content Means for B2B Marketers
  • 579
  • 08/29
  • Liz Staplefoote
LinkedIn sponsored updates enable you to allocate advertising dollars toward a targeted audience on LinkedIn. Here’s how to get started.
Increase Your Reach With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates In 5 Easy Steps
  • 596
  • 08/14
  • Brian Honigman
Why would LinkedIn add publishing to a network long after blogging's explosion, when most writers believe owning the content on their own site is important?
Will Publishing Change Marketing's LinkedIn Aversion?
  • 388
  • 07/10
  • Jason Falls
What value does a "Like" on social media actually have? Less than you might think. Learn how to use shared media to gain trust, and realize real ROI.
Stop Chasing the “Like” – Build Trust, Not Just Followers
  • 1.2K
  • 06/04
  • Peyman Nilforoush
Today LinkedIn took aim at user-generated content sites by opening its publishing platform to all of its members. Once the domain of just 500 network-designated influencers, the platform is now open for everything from individual…
How Will LinkedIn’s New Publishing Platform Change The Media Landscape?
  • 518
  • 06/02
  • Sharmin Kent
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