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Are you influenced by social media posts? Is it likely that you have changed your mind over something you deeply believed in because some SM feeds suggested otherwise? New social media survey data seems to…
The Impact of Social Media Posts and Influencers on the Minds of People In Today’s World
  • 81
  • 08/20
  • Team Relevance
There’s a lot you can do with text descriptions and promotions, but videos are always more engaging and they can do a better job at convincing people. When it comes to ecommerce, videos can, arguably,…
How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with Product Video Descriptions
  • 157
  • 08/16
  • Ana Farr
When Facebook declared in July that the Partners Categories would no longer form part of their services, they probably discounted the serious adversity with which it would affect digital marketers. That’s why the date for…
Facebook Makes Changes Forcing Marketers to Revisit Their Digital Strategies
  • 47
  • 08/16
  • Team Relevance
Social media is a big world that marketers can tap into to increase their outreach. Today, many social media marketers take human psychology into consideration when they promote a brand on social media. In technical…
Neuromarketing: 6 Examples of Brands Using Psychology in Social Media Marketing!
  • 790
  • 08/10
  • Ishika Agarwal
With over 200 million users and an astounding 100 billion pins, Pinterest has become an information discovery phenom in its own right. Brands have been attracted to the site for years for its wide audience…
  • 101
  • 08/08
  • Genevieve Dietz
Instagram is a very powerful social media website. The networking platform has grown to over a billion users every month. This is perhaps one of the reasons why there is an increasing number of tools…
9 Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2018
  • 183
  • 08/07
  • Marquis
After Facebook switched up its news feed algorithm to feature more content from friends and family, businesses everywhere started fighting tooth and nail to stake their claim on our feeds. While there are plenty of…
  • 245
  • 08/06
  • Genevieve Dietz
When Twitter purchased Periscope in 2015, it began a new era of social media marketing we know today as “live streaming”. The experts dubbed it as the next big thing since it was an inexpensive…
Is Live Streaming The Future Of Social Media?
  • 185
  • 08/01
  • Margaret Jones
Redkix to Close App to Join Facebook Facebook just announced that it has struck an acquisition deal with Redkix, an Israeli-based messaging company that works to streamline conversations over chat, groups, distribution lists, and inbox…
  • 38
  • 07/30
  • Genevieve Dietz
Facebook’s Financial Loss Makes Unfortunate History Months of data scandals, criticism, controversial ad rules, and user abandonment have taken a monumental toll on Facebook, Inc. The social media giant lost as much as $120 billion…
Facebook Suffers Its Highest Ever Share Loss
  • 254
  • 07/26
  • Genevieve Dietz
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