If you think that Twitter is just for retweets, replies, and followers then walk ahead of it. When marketers say the power of Social Media, one of the platforms they are targeting towards is Twitter.…
2 Simple Steps to Convert Twitter Into Your Lead Generation Tool
  • 1K
  • 10/26
  • Namrata Kashyap
A new and interesting development is about to happen at Twitter if one looks closely at Jack Dorsey’s tweet. The head of this social media platform had dropped hints that new features will be shortly…
Twitter Hints at Introducing Features That Allow Threading of Conversations and Knowing About Online Presence of Followers
  • 92
  • 09/04
  • Relevance News Desk
So, Twitter has finally admitted that they are leaning a bit more to the left. Chief Executive Jack Dorsey was responding to charges levied by President Trump that Twitter indulges in shadow banning. Jack was…
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Refutes Charges That Company’s Policies Are Influenced by Personal Ideologies
Matt Navarra of The NextWeb says that Twitter recently tested a feature that could make unfollow recommendations to users. The feature was tested on an experimental basis and was withdrawn after a few days. In…
Twitter Rolls Out Promote Mode Beta to More Users
  • 76
  • 08/30
  • Relevance News Desk
Twitter Taps Getty as Its Premier Image Resource Since its formation in 1995, Getty Images has become one of the media and marketing world’s largest and most sought-after stock photo and video agencies. The company…
  • 98
  • 07/23
  • Genevieve Dietz
Verification Overhaul on Hold Twitter is pumping the brakes on its new blue check verification process, announced in March, to spend more time prioritizing the app’s health and election integrity in preparation for this year’s…
  • 65
  • 07/20
  • Genevieve Dietz
Social media marketing is crucial for the success of your business. A successful social media marketing strategy involves all the steps that you have put in action in order to succeed on the various platforms.…
7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2018
  • 387
  • 07/06
  • Ryan Bronson
Transparency in the Wake of Election Troubles Twitter is doing its part to combat fake news and foreign election meddling by rolling out phase two of its plan for transparency surrounding political ad campaigns. There’s…
  • 54
  • 07/02
  • Genevieve Dietz
An Automated Advertising Solution Last November, Twitter launched a beta version of a new automated advertising solution that became available to a select number of Twitter users. This solution, dubbed Promote Mode, is a significant…
Twitter Rolls Out Promote Mode Beta to More Users
Twitter is a powerful tool for increasing business engagement, but as the competition grows, companies need to step up their game – raising the question, what works in the short form? Even though Twitter now…
Twitter Rolls Out Promote Mode Beta to More Users
  • 247
  • 06/28
  • Larry Alton
Facebook and Twitter Get Serious about Political Misinformation Facebook and Twitter announced Thursday that they would be taking steps to increase transparency in political campaign ads by revamping their ad policies. This news comes ahead…
Facebook, Twitter Set New Guidelines for Political Ads
  • 191
  • 05/25
  • Genevieve Dietz
Twitter Brings News to the Forefront In recent years, Twitter has quickly become a full fledged conversation hub and one of the internet’s top sources for real time news updates. As a way to capitalize…
Twitter Experiments With Breaking News Modules at the Top of User Feeds
  • 1.1K
  • 03/16
  • Genevieve Dietz
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