Simple Tricks For Generating Internet Traffic

Traffic, also known as users or visitors is the lifeblood of any website. No matter what your site does, be it an e-commerce platform, a brochure page for your company or a blog that details subject matter close to your heart, there are very few websites that are built and maintained where being seen is not important. Even in the dark web, the goal is to be seen. If it was all about privacy and users were not important then something offline or a private social media page would be the way to go. Sadly though, for many sites, generating internet traffic can be hard. But it doesn’t need to be, success just requires a degree of thought and strategy. So, if you are struggling with numbers or looking to increase the numbers on your site, here are a few ideas to help you start winning.

Optimize for search

Most websites derive a significant amount of their first-time visits from search engines. For some, this is through paid search while for others it is via organic search. As much as it sounds like the latter is free and the former costs money, that is not really the truth. There are many SEO agencies Sydney who can help you with both forms of search – and they will charge you for both organic and paid. The difference is that paid search looks like an advertisement when the search results are returned while organic looks like a genuinely recommended page. The best and most credible results come from organic search and you should spend some time and money consulting with the experts to make sure that the SEO on your site is done properly.

Understand your site

A huge part of building an audience is about understanding them. What do they want? What is popular on your site? What makes people leave? How long are they spending on the site? How much content are they consuming? This is data that can all be gleaned from an analytics platform and it is very important that you take a deep dive into it. Simply counting user numbers is not enough as it doesn’t give enough insight into what is working and what is not. What you want to do is avoid wasting time on things that the audience don’t read or consume.

Spend time and money on content

Quality content is what people want and you need to spend time and money to create it. It could be content that you create yourself or it might be something that you are happy to pay for. It also doesn’t need to be content that resides on the website. Play to your strengths: if you are looking for quick wins then release content into the social media space and hope that it goes viral. Viral content that has the appropriate calls to action and links as part of it will generate internet traffic and build your brand. You can obviously also look to house content on the site but be strategic. There is no point in creating great content that is widely shared and enjoyed but which doesn’t drive numbers to your site.

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