Snapchat and Nielsen Team Up to Bolster Ad Targeting Capabilities

Snapchat Brings New Offline Audience Targeting to Marketers

Snapchat and Nielsen, expanding on their existing partnership, have struck a new deal that could give marketers more incentive to market on the platform with ample space to do so.

The two companies announced Wednesday that they would be giving marketers access to over 30,000 audience targeting segments including demographics and mobile behavior.

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Snapchat currently uses Nielsen measurement solutions across its Reach, Resonance, and Reaction KPIs. Moving forward, marketers looking to secure more offline audience data can use Nielsen audience data to target audiences on Snapchat. For example, a marketer working for a travel agency could gather data on and target a consumer buying excursion tickets offline.

Nielsen products such as Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Nielsen Buyer Insights will also be included among the new ad targeting offerings as they develop.

Snapchat Aims to Compete with Facebook, Google, and other Platforms

These new capabilities are similar to ones already available on Facebook and Google and reflect Snapchat’s recent shift towards programmatic. According to Adweek, 98% of all Snapchat ads have become programmatic since Snapchat started making the switch over two years ago.

These Nielsen backed offerings as well as Snapchat’s shift towards programmatic are not just good for marketers, they could also position Snapchat as a formidable competitor in the crowded ad arena.

Jessica Hogue, SVP of digital solutions at Nielsen stated,

“Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and offline sales has never been more critical for marketers, and we’re excited to continue our work with Snapchat across both our premium audience segments and measurement solutions.”

As Facebook starts moving back on its offline purchase-based targeting in the wake of data concerns stemming from Cambridge Analytica, ‘fake news,’ and election interference, Snapchat has a chance to steal some of its thunder.

According to Adage, these new offerings haven’t received accreditation from the Media Ratings Council yet but Snap and Nielsen should have no problem rolling out the new ad capabilities to marketers.

Final Thoughts

As vertical advertising increases and social media ad territory grows more competitive, Snapchat is doing everything they can to solidify their place in the mobile ad sphere.

Last month, Snapchat went native and expanded their e-commerce options with new Shoppable and Story ads (announced on June 11th).

These, as well as the the “Shoppable AR” lenses announced earlier this year are indicative of the company’s broader push for more e-commerce options and tie into Snap’s push into programmatic.

Recently, the company also forged partnerships with several media companies like Storyful, SAM Desk, and Tagboard. Snap’s goal here is to provide Discover publishers with the tools they need to incorporate social content into their reporting. The media companies mentioned will also be allowed to use Snap’s Story Kit.

There’s no denying that Snap is in the midst of a major evolution and, after a rough start to the year, the company seems to be bouncing back and currying good favor with marketers, publishers, media companies, and its loyal legion of users.

Are you interested in testing out Snap’s new ad targeting capabilities? Let us know why or why not in the comments.