Snapchat Puts Third-Party Creators in the Spotlight With “Creator Boosts”

Snapchat’s New Update Highlights Community Content

According to a report by Mashable, Snapchat will finally be giving artists and creators some much needed attention by featuring their custom AR lenses in the app’s filter carousel. In the past, Snapchat has been notoriously neglectful to artists and publishers but it seems that the company is making good on their promise to help out third-party creators. This new update will give creators and influencers access to publishing tools and exhibit their art and creations prominently on the platform.

Just a few months ago, Snapchat’s controversial redesign was one of the tactics implemented to help out creators. Despite being controversial amongst the creators it was meant to help, the redesign does represent a shift towards broader creator representation.

This new update, dubbed “creator boosts,” is a major feature that Snapchat is experimenting with to promote their community. Snapchat has stated that these creator lenses will not be promotional or branded in any way and will be separate from the branded lenses that pop up periodically on the carousel.

Making the AR Space More Accessible

Guest spots for creator lenses will be limited at first, with just a few creators featured periodically. If a creator is selected, the lens will show their display name, giving creators tons of exposure. Last December, Snapchat released a Lens Studio for creators to design their own AR experiences for publication and anyone who creates a lens in the Lens Studio can opt in to have their creations featured on the carousel.

Lens Studio has received over 30,000 submissions since launching in December and lenses have racked up over 1 billion views by Snapchat users. The AR space is increasingly competitive but Snapchat’s approach to the platform has made it accessible, fun, and engaging for both publishers and users. While “creator boosts” are currently closed off to brands, influencers still have a golden opportunity to get their feet wet with AR tech and perhaps, get their creations in front of millions of Snapchat users. Community creations will start to appear in the Snapchat carousel starting in late March.

By handing off the creative reins to influencers and creators who make up a large part of Snapchat’s user base, the company can hopefully restore their image tarnished by the fallout of the redesign released in February. It’s a potential win-win that might get artists and influencers back on board.