Snowpocalypse: Balancing Snow Men and Social Media

Living in the Midwest comes with certain pros and cons. Snow days are one of those situations that offer both. Recently, we had record low temperatures and heavy snowfall, keeping most of us indoors for several days. Although this slowed down things as simple as a trip to the store, it doesn’t have to slow down your social networking game! Here are a few ways to deal with abominable weather while staying totally abominable on social media.


This is the perfect time to load your TweetDeck, Buffer and HootSuite with scheduled updates. You probably have a list of articles you’ve been meaning to read and share with others that you haven’t gotten around to yet. Bust those puppies out! Schedule your posts for the rest of your day (or maybe even days) to give you more time to build snowmen while also keeping your followers engaged.

Join in the fun

Something cool that came out of this cold was the sharing of experiments and hashtags.

Many people used the subzero temperatures to reenact eighth-grade science projects and shared images and videos of the outcomes. Join in the fun! I picked up on a conversation with some Chicagoans about freezing different liquids. My experiment of throwing boiling water into –13-degrees air got some of my followers, and even strangers, hyped up. I got some retweets and a few more followers from this basic but amazing experiment.


The lesson I learned? Join in the fun and you might start some new relationships!

Looking for another way to join in? Watch for hashtag games created for the weather. Chicago had #Chiberia, and Indianapolis had #winterstorm to start, but a game to come up with a wittier local hashtag ensued. Jump into the conversation; how cool would it be to make up a hashtag that was used city-wide? Imagine the new people you could meet and connections you could make!

Hit up a chat

Worn out on the major social media sites? Switch it up with forums and chats. Is your cat doing some weird stuff because you’re home and disrupting her sleep schedule? Take some pictures and post them to Reddit. Check out other crazy snow day pictures and tips in subreddits. Answer back!

Want some real-time chatting? Explore some less-creepy variations of Chatroulette. I got so bored that I decided to try out a free one and ended up meeting some college basketball players in a different state and some people from France and Canada — now we all follow each other on Twitter and Instagram.

Take a chance and meet people. It’s funny how much you can have in common with total strangers. They can also be great resources in the future if you ever need them.

Moral of the story? When it comes to social media, work and play really can go hand in hand.

Image Credit: Titus Schleyer via Flickr

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