Social Media Marketing Tips That Every Marketer and Web Designer Should Know!

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the changing social media marketing scenario to grab user attention and get more leads? Would you like to know how the successful social media marketers manage to reap the best results?

If you are so keen about knowing the nuances of the new-age digital marketing techniques, especially social media marketing strategies, here we have compiled four tips gained through intensive interviews with the world’s top social media experts of the times. This guide will help you to revamp your outlook about social media marketing and come up with a better, result-oriented social media approach to success. These are the latest of its kind, and many of them may be new to you.

SMM tip #1: Get more lead using ‘Facebook Offers.’

‘Facebook Offers’ is a brand new offering from the provider, which you need to undoubtedly try out if you are trying to attract more quality leads through social media. A typical Facebook Offer is another form of Facebook Ad, but it works differently than the conventional ads. Marketers can try setting them up directly on your FB page and not the dashboard at Ads. These offers can be created not only for the online but also for offline businesses too.

Facebook Offers can be used for any different promotional activities, but the best output is noted when it is used for quality lead generation.

That is how Facebook Offers work:

  • The offers by the marketers are displayed in news feed whereas the ads are usually placed in the right-hand column. The ads in line with other news feed items seem to gain five times more engagement than those displayed at the right-hand feeds.
  • You can accurately target the FB users who are only so keen on your brand to see the offers.
  • When a user accesses the news feed and clicks on it, Facebook sends an automated email to the personal mail, which gives you an extra edge as the user sees the offers in their own mailbox too.

SMM tip #2: Engaging your email subscribers through social media

It is found that efficiently engaging with your loyal e-mail subscribers can bring in more results, which can be done at best now through social media. This concept was first introduced in the Web Traffic & Conversion Summit held in San Francisco. Many of the marketers use social media to get new leads, which is of course there, but the scope of using social media to build a lasting relationship with the existing subscribers is not tapped fully.

To do this well, you can first set up an auto-responder mailer to invite the new subscribers to access and like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram. It is not as easy as you think. To get a good response, you need to make them understand why they should follow you, what the benefits they get out of it, and should also be reminded about it consistently.

  • You can host some exclusive promotions, coupons, and contests on your social media page.
  • Also make sure that the social media followers have access to content which you do not share anywhere else.

One thing to remember at the first point when you deal with the audience is that you have to always ensure quality over quantity.

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SMM tip #3: Combine various marketing channels to ensure best results

In the fast-changing social media marketing scenario, it is more strategic to combine the best of various digital marketing approaches to build a perpetual promotion method which works. If you are connecting the best strategies such as search engine optimization, organic and paid social media marketing, search engine advertising, Google remarketing, then you may be probably tapping the best of everything.

You can use Facebook to raise consumer awareness about your new business or product, try plucking the low-hanging fruits by buying keywords on Google, and also can ensure that people reach to you through channels like Google remarketing, and Facebook fan base.

However, many of the marketers are weak at or not careful enough about analytics. They visually find Google better than Facebook or Facebook than Pinterest. When it comes to taking critical marketing decisions, it is essential to do some fundamental research to identify the actual worthiness of different channels and the return on investment each of them may bring in.

SMM tip #4: Connect virtually

Every marketer knows that fact that the most reliable connection with a potential consumer is built when you connect or in other words meet one face to face. When it happens online, it is so when you get to communicate with someone in person. It can either be organization a Tweetup or meet up with a close group or scheduling a Skype chat with an individual.

One of the best platforms is the Google Hangout, where you can connect with similar-minded people who share the same interest. You need to try and organize a dedicated Google+ Hangout channel with like-minded people who are interested in connecting with you. If you go ahead of the goal of connecting personally, the virtual meetings can also help spark some better ideas which you find a strong link to the next big thing you can think of.

The above four is just a sampling of what to come next in the constantly changing platform of social media marketing. You need to understand that changes will happen every day every hour, which you need to be updated with and prepared for to gain the best out of social media marketing for your business.