Solve Your Content Woes with Curation

Many bloggers are already finding it hard to keep up with the ever-growing amount of content available on the Web. Often, the idea well can simply run dry—especially if you spend a lot of time reading articles online. You may come to the conclusion that everything that could be said about a subject has already been said. But, many of your readers aren’t seeing the same articles you are and would benefit from the knowledge that those articles offer up. That’s where content curation comes into play.

Here are a few ways other brands use content curation to their advantage:

Blog posts

It’s not hard to find bloggers who dedicate certain days of the month to curating content they believe their audiences will enjoy. We do it every Friday with our Inbound Wrap-Up, which shares the top 10 inbound marketing articles of the week. This is the most popular form of content curation; bloggers collect articles, add their own commentary and link to the original source for readers to find out more.

Apartment Therapy curates content daily around a particular trend. Its writers find the best examples of home decor and collect them in a single post to inspire their readers. Apartment Therapy does this so well that it’s become my go-to source for home DIY and organization inspiration.

Social media

Social media is more than a platform for brands to blast their own content all day long. This bad habit turns followers off and fails to use these platforms to their full potential. Curating content to share with your community builds credibility in your brand message that resonates with your audience.

One look at the Nom Nom Paleo Facebook Page, and it’s clear that sharing educational content with your audience is worthwhile. Michelle Tam is an award-winning Paleo blogger who has found success by engaging with her audience online. She has mastered the art of sharing articles and products on Facebook that her audience craves and enjoys. Here’s one example of an article she posted that resulted in over 120 shares:

Email Newsletters

Whether you love or hate email newsletters, there’s real value in the ability to reach your audience right where they are: their inboxes. If you’re trying to develop a successful email newsletter, consider content curation.

A brand that masters email newsletters is theSkimm. theSkimm is a daily email newsletter full of the top news that you need to know each day. Its team takes the time to read the top articles across the Web and summarize them to make them easy to digest. It’s the perfect way to reach a busy marketer first thing in the morning.

What other brands or bloggers have you seen curate content well? Comment below to let me know!

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