Spice Up Your Company Blog With These Content Marketing Ideas

When launching their website, most business owners ask the development company to include a blog section, but this section, which is crucial to long term content marketing, often stays empty for months or, even worse, only features the default “Hello World” post.

As a marketer, the company blog is one of the most powerful channels you have to boost your online presence, engage with clients, and deliver valuable content, so don’t neglect it, not even in favor of advanced SEO or marketing services.

If this sounds easier said than done and you are stuck in a creative rut, try one of the content marketing ideas below to step up your blog posting game:

Long form, informative articles

A few years ago, it was common practice for businesses to prefer short articles around the 450-500-word mark, based on the idea that the modern reader lacks patience and doesn’t have the time to scroll through thousands of works of content. However, this practice isn’t as recommended today, because website visitors prefer quality over quantity. Long-form content, which includes highly informative, in-depth articles of at least 1500 words that cover a topic from A to Z, are very effective. More specifically, they build website authority, get more shares on social media and may even build backlinks in the long run. Needless to say, those who come across your informative article and find it helpful will develop trust in your brand and perceive you as an authority in your field. Instead of publishing four or five short articles that fly under the radar, it’s worth investing time and energy into writing an extensive, ultimate guide-type article that describes the topic in minute detail.

Conduct a market study and publish the results in a blog post

If you have the resources and a wide enough pool of users, don’t hesitate to initiate a small market study to find out the public opinion on an interesting subject, then publish your research in the form of a blog post. It can be anything from a poll on what gifts people buy for Christmas to how they prefer to be approached by brands – as long as it’s relevant to what you do, of course. Why is the effort to do this research worth it? First of all, because statistics and research generate a lot of social media shares and backlinks. And second, content of this type increases trust and shows your clients that you are a respectable provider.

Make an infographic

Do you want to explain a complex topic in a simple, eye-catching and viral format? Try publishing an infographic. Apart from the fact that they prove you are an expert, infographics provide many other benefits for your content strategy. Because people are mostly visual learners, information presented using graphics and images is easier to remember and understand. Even complex, technical topics become more approachable if they are delivered to the user in an intuitive, logically structured way. Also, infographics are some the most shareable forms of content marketing, either via direct social media shares or by embedding them on websites and blog posts.

A word of warning, however: infographics only offer you these benefits if they have truly high quality, share-worthy content. Generating plain how to’s and hacks that don’t bring anything new to the table will not take you very far.

Address a controversial topic in your industry

No matter the field in which you activate, there probably comes along a controversy every once in a while (in fact, if you work in SEO or tech in general, these controversies occur more than you’d like). When that happens, take the opportunity to write a blog post about it. This way, you can explain or clarify a notion that maybe the general public doesn’t understand very well and inform clients where you stand on that topic. From a marketing perspective, writing blog content on a buzz topic is a great short-term strategy to gain traffic – especially if you share the link on social media, use trending hashtags and encourage readers to join the debate.

Interview a business partner or an authority in the field

Interviews are a great way to answer client questions and shed light on some exciting things that are going on in your field. At the same time, interviews also boost trust, because they show readers you are a legitimate business with strong networking abilities. Because the blog post can be shared both by you and the party interviewed, you can think of this as an opportunity to “exchange” followers.

Revamp old blog posts

Do you have some old blog posts that were received very well, generated a lot of traffic and ranked high at the time? Have a look at your content marketing analytics and revamp those old blog posts with new information. For example, if you wrote a digital marketing guide back in 2016, perhaps it would be a good idea to publish the 2018 update to show readers how recommended practices have changed in two years and how much the industry has evolved from then since now. Or, if you wrote an article with useful tips, add a few more and make it longer.

No matter which of these marketing ideas you choose, don’t forget to add your own voice into the blog content and create your own unique style. Readers appreciate originality and don’t take kindly to over-circulated content, so always focus on quality rather than quantity. Spice up your marketing content with eye-catching graphics, engage with blog readers and check your analytics to find out which posts deliver the best performance.