Sponsor Disclosure

We work with many clients in the area of content marketing, and some of them sponsor and support Relevance.com financially and in other ways. Most of our sponsors and supporters are agencies and those who offer technological collaborations for the industry. We have deliberately kept our editorial department and business development team distinct, and they work independent of each other. No posts are accepted or businesses are mentioned in our content on the basis of our association or relationship with them. We do not allow our editorial content to be affected by our financial association with our sponsors, supporters, and advertisers.

We have an agreement with an agency that has procured advertisement space on Relevance.com in bulk and uses those spots to publish affiliate advertisements and promote third-party businesses. They earn affiliate commission when a user on Relevance.com clicks on their ad and/or uses that link for making free or paid purchases on third-party websites. All such ads are marked and/or distinguished as advertisements, and their promotional posts are clearly labeled as “Sponsored/Promoted.”

We also use Google AdSense and other similar third-party ad services to display ads on Relevance.com. All such advertisements are clearly marked as “Ads.” Users are requested to use their own discretion and do a proper due diligence before making any buying choices or purchasing or using any products or services based on ads or sponsored or promoted content on Relevance.com.

In some cases, we earn referral commission by event organizers when we promote their events on Relevance event listings. We mark all such event listings clearly as “Sponsored.” We don’t list or promote any event because of our financial relations with event organizers and promoters.

Please note that we always disclose the names of our financial supporters. They are expected to adhere to the same editorial guidelines that are applicable to all contributors to our website. However, we do give their posts priority in our review queue whenever possible.

Those writers who mention or promote any products or services in their posts are required to disclose their interests or associations with such products or services.