Sprinklr Introduces Intuition for Customer Experience Management

Sprinklr, the world’s leading Customer Experience Management platform, announces Intuition, an artificial intelligence (AI) program. Intuition is aimed at addressing a challenge many brands face: managing customer expectations and experience over an ever-evolving sea of digital comments, complaints and questions.

Sprinklr supports the management of over 25 different social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With this launch, Intuition can process more than 700 million messages a day across various social channels. According to Sprinklr, Intuition uses machine learning to help it become better at recognizing patterns in customer feedback.

Managing Social Engagement

Forrester says 80% of customers reach out to brands via social media, a la United Breaks Guitars, across an average of seven different channels. It can be difficult for brands to manage this level of engagement while maintaining solid customer relationships across all platforms. Intuition remedies this problem by allowing brands to listen, engage and interact with customers at scale.

Further, Twitter serves as the first place customers go for support issues and claims that 70% of customers expect a response within an hour. Most marketing teams do not have the bandwidth to address the growing number of inbound messages. Intuition helps marketing teams sort through the comments and questions on Twitter and other social platforms, using data trends to prioritize customer care issues.

Managing Customer Experience

Intuition currently uses two features to monitor and manage the customer experience across more than 25 social platforms: Smart Alerts and Moderation.

Smart Alerts leverages AI to monitor trends in social conversation, alerting marketers to abnormalities. For example, if a recent post from the brand begins to go viral, Smart Alerts will ping marketers to pay attention to the increase in comments, likes and shares. Likewise, if a crisis emerges due to a poor customer experience incident, Smart Alerts will flag the social messages for immediate attention.

Moderation helps marketers automate and prioritize inbound messages to determine which need immediate response and routing remaining messages to the appropriate teams.

Human Connection

As Grad Conn, Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, Sprinklr, sums up the announcement:

“Today, it’s normal for people to expect a 1:1, personalized relationship with a brand across every social channel. But it’s impossible for brands to meet that expectation if they’re manually identifying, sorting, and responding to social media messages. With Intuition, Sprinklr is addressing these challenges by delivering practical artificial intelligence capabilities that help brands save time and focus on what’s important — increasing the number of valuable human to human connections.”

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