Terminus Acquires B2B Attribution Pioneer BrightFunnel

A New Alliance

Eric Spett, CEO and co-founder of leading account based marketing (ABM) platform Terminus, announced in a blog post today that they have acquired leading B2B analytics platform BrightFunnel.

In 2017, Terminus began to rework their ABM strategy internally to further execute and measure B2B go-to-market initiatives. They began to utilize new marketing technology and streamline their sales and marketing processes to create better account conversion rates. They explored new ways to personalize the account targeting experience. Re-constructed with B2B marketers in mind, the platform would make it easier for customers to launch and keep track of their targeted account advertising campaigns.

According to Spett’s blog post, this transformation resulted in “2X conversion of accounts from first meeting to closed-won customers,” a “20% increase in average selling price,” and a shortened average sales cycle. However, Terminus still needed stronger B2B analytics to accurately manage and measure their product’s impact going forward.

As a solution, Terminus reached out to BrightFunnel; a company devoted to “connecting marketing efforts to revenue through best-in-class B2B analytics, including AI-powered multi-touch attribution, account-based measurement, and revenue funnel analytics.”


Uniting Go-to-Market Teams

This exciting acquisition will not only bring much-needed advanced measurement and attribution tools to customers, it will also give both companies the rare opportunity to forge a mutually beneficial partnership.

Working together, BrightFunnel and Terminus will help marketers “close the loop on measuring account-based marketing and advertising, understand the campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey, and create a 360-degree view of engagement that supports one revenue team.”

In the blog post, Eric Spett also stated that Terminus, “will add more engineers to support our vision of making marketing analytics and attribution more accessible to all B2B teams and more focused on account-based practices.” As part of the acquisition, Terminus will be welcoming 40 new BrightFunnel ‘Terminators.’ The new team members will continue to work out of their San Francisco office.

Terminus has been named the fastest growing software company in Atlanta and the #1-rated account-based execution software on G2 Crowd. Just last year, they were named the number one best place to work in Atlanta. In three years, Terminus has grown from a start-up of just three co-owners to a fully fledged company of over 150 ‘terminators.’ They have helped companies like Rosetta Stone, Invoca, and WP Engine keep track of their ABM success. With this new acquisition, Terminus can expect to see their clientele expand and their number of full time employees skyrocket.

Starting off 2018 with a powerful new alliance, Terminus and BrightFunnel will be able to elevate their shared vision of providing marketing analytics and attribution to as many B2B teams as possible.



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