The 4 Content Marketing Fails You Can’t Afford to Make

Lackluster audience response; dwindling page views; social media profiles that do a top notch impression of digital ghost towns. It’s official – you’ve committed your own content marketing “fail,” and now you’re paying the price.

While the term “fail” evokes images of Internet culture and memes galore, this humor loses quite a bit of its punch when you end up as the butt of the joke. To keep the good vibes rolling, and ensure you don’t end up as the laughingstock of the consumers that matter most to your brand, let’s dig into the four content marketing fails you simply can’t afford to make moving forward.

Valuing Quantity Over Quality

The first big fail on the list comes in the form of falsely assuming that quantity is the same thing as quality. As Entrepreneur’s Josh Kerr points out, inundating your audience with wave after wave of bland or generic content is a quick way to get a bad reputation.

If you really want to make a splash with these viewers, realign your goals so that quality always takes on a high priority. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when the numbers don’t add up in your favor.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

At this point you’re probably thinking to yourself, “But wait! Isn’t creating quality content that’s well researched, engaging, and informative a lot of work?” The answer to this question, unsurprisingly, is an emphatic yes. With this in mind, Kerr goes on to suggest that if you really want to avoid ending up with the rest of the failed content campaigns, it’s time to grab a helping hand.

Consider hiring a marketing agency that specializes in specific industries or markets. For example, real estate professionals, investors, and landlords can look to for licensed and unique content packages that dig deep into hot topics and information of interest to homeowners and home buyers alike. On the social side, 99 Dollar Social is a premium service provider that posts daily on your behalf so that you can sit back and take care of other pressing items on your do to list.

Whether it’s an expert who can offer advice or consultation when you need it or a firm that can commission high-quality content related to your market or clientele on demand – bringing in outside help can ensure you don’t spread yourself too thin on either the content marketing or daily operations fronts.

Deceptive or “Salesy” Content

Once you’re on target with how you approach content creation, it’s time to talk about development and the mistake that could haunt your agency for years to come – failing in the eyes of the millennials. In his look at this potential pitfall, John Boitnott of Inc. magazine explains that having content that tries to sneak in a not-so-subtle sales pitch – or throws subtly out the window in favor of blatant advertising – won’t go very far with this demographic.

With over $500 billion in purchasing power backing up this portion of the population, as reported by marketing expert Ryan Jenkins, millennials are well on their way to taking hold as the most important consumer segment. It’s time to give these potential buyers what they want.

So what exactly do millennials want? Jenkins suggests that, with 59 percent of millennials wanting to interact with brands and agencies that reflect their style and personality, it’s time to step away from yesterday’s salesy marketing operations and provide content that’s engaging, hip, and full of value.

“Set It and Forget It” Content

Finally, ClickZ’s Luke Summerfield points out that if you treat your content with a “set it and forget it” mentality, you’re well on your way toward committing a major marketing fail. Instead of treating your content as an asset with a limited shelf life, think of it as a living, breathing entity that can always be improved upon, upgraded and repurposed. This way, you’ll always get the most value out of your content investments.

Avoid valuing quantity over quality, find a team of experts that can help distribute the workload, give all content pieces an authentic angle, and create content with repurposing (and thus, an extended shelf life) in mind and you’ll be well prepared to rise above the ranks of failed campaigns and take your market by storm.

Once you stop making the aforementioned mistakes in your marketing campaigns, you will be well on your way to reaping the rewards that optimized, relevant advertising can bring to your virtual doorstep.

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