The 5 Personae of the Enterprise Internet Marketer

Enterprise Internet Marketer

Mass adoption of the Internet has given birth to a marketing revolution. Marketers are seeing tried and true traditional outbound tactics begin to diminish in favor of online inbound strategies and tactics. Budgets are shifting and Internet marketing service and SaaS companies are thriving.

However, not every Internet marketer is created equal. There’s a clear difference between their personae. Whether or you realize the differences can have bottom-line implications for your company.

Each personae is defined by the strategies, tactics and the technologies they deploy. As these things evolve, so do the personae. They also represent the level of Internet marketing sophistication possessed by organizations, businesses and people. It also takes a high level of education to successfully work with them as an agency.

Traditionalist Marketers

The vast majority of the Internet is filled with the work of the traditionalist. These are folks that deploy brochure websites with a “contact us” page. Many of them also rely on outbound marketing methods to drive traffic.

Pay per click and banner ads are usually in the mix. And the vast majority of marketing budgets go to offline channels like, radio and TV commercials.

Social and Search Brochurists

This persona represents one level of sophistication higher than the traditionalists. These social and search brochurists are hip to the knowledge that organic search and social media is good for their brochure website. They may also do email blasts.

However, social campaigns from these marketers don’t leverage the power of content marketing.

They typically lack the appropriate amount of traffic-driving blog posts and top-of-the-funnel content for conversions. Instead, you have to rely mostly on bottom-of-the-funnel offers to drive organic search traffic.

According to HubSpot, 96 percent of the people who visit a website aren’t ready to buy yet. You need to present people with less “salesy” top-of-the-funnel content. Then, slowly nurtured down to the bottom of the funnel.


These are the folks that understand the importance of online conversion. Conversionists understand that the most valuable assets a website visitor can leave behind on a website are an email and IP address. They typically have many whitepapers, ebooks and case studies at their disposal to offer as top-of-the-funnel content.

They are adept at using calls-to-action, and many of them also deploy A/B or multivariate testing on landing pages. They’re constantly trying to optimize landing pages for conversions. It’s also common for them to utilize PPC advertising in a robust fashion and even deploy some email lead nurturing.

Content Marketers

This persona represents a culmination of all of the techniques already mentioned above. As a content marketer, you need to have powered with good content.

The content produced is usually diverse and can include blog posts, press releases, videos, etc. You can target email lists to deploy content, too.

As a content marketer, you need to also realize that not all content and leads are created equal. Content is mapped and organized by persona, content category and where the consumer resides in the sales funnel.

This is to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time in order to maximize profitable consumer action or reduce churn via robust lead-nurturing.

You need to identify qualified leads in order to determine which content will best drive customer acquisition.

Behavior-Driven Nurturers

Behavior-driven nurturers leverage the power of technology to dynamically deliver the right content on the best channel based on the online and/or offline behavior of the consumer.

USAA Bank sends out direct mail based on the pages consumed on its website. Coach dynamically sends customized emails based on the products viewed by the consumer on its website. Amazon dynamically changes the content on its website based on consumer behavior.

You can lead nurturing by using social media and SMS, too. Anything you track, such as emails, can be behavior triggers. The behavior-driven nurturers represent the most advanced Internet marketer today.

Which persona represents your level of Internet marketing sophistication? Is your brand leveraging content marketing across all of the inbound channels? For help valuing your inbound channels, download Valuing Digital Marketing Channels with Attribution Models.