The Benefits of Creating Software Training Videos for Customers

Since the internet is global, and the number of mobile devices is rising into the billions, there’s a huge potential market for your software product. Even if you’ve targeted the right user demographic, the biggest barrier in generating sales is that users just aren’t familiar with the new release. They just don’t understand the benefits and assume that there’s a learning curve in making use of any program. This is where instructional videos can play an important part in your marketing. People are more engaged with video. YouTube is now the second-most searched site after Google. A tutorial or webinar to familiarize the public with your product improves the chances they’ll buy it.

So, why You Should Provide Software Training Videos?

Increased Profits

Making an orientation process a part of your marketing, and providing training as part of your product support, improves the customer experience and their satisfaction with the product. The ability to use it more quickly and more effectively increases its value to them. Both of these factors lead to positive feedback that help drive sales. Increased sales mean not only revenue, but improved value to your organization and its shareholders.

Customer Development and Retention

Taking charge of the learning process for your software through a series of instructional video allows customers to learn at their own pace or focus on their individual needs and skills. This lends an air of customization to the product without changing the product itself. Online learning brings retention at least 40 percent faster than traditional lessons. Customers are happier because they get the results they want more quickly. They can also feel that they’ve solved a need or problem through your software, and thus their own abilities and self-worth are improved. This kind of experience means they are also more likely to return for additional purchases.


A reputation for providing helpful, interesting videos can go a long way to improving the public perception of your company. No matter what the purpose of your software is, helpful, well-crafted videos can be created to reflect your company’s style and values in order to further establish an emotional, personal connection with viewers. There’s every chance they’ll buy your product in large part because they like your videos.

Wider Audience

You can also reach out to a wider community of foreign-language speakers through subtitles. These additional features can be provided by captioning services. Without proper subtitle paraphrasing, viewers are rushed to read text while keeping up with the spoken dialogue. According to English-to-Spanish is one of the language pairings than can result in 20 percent to 50 percent more Spanish words than the spoken English

Cost-Effective and Immediate

Another benefit in providing instructional videos to sales prospects is the convenience of being able to view your videos from anywhere, at any time they like. Any company or individual looking at possible software solutions will want to see some form of demo to understand the interface and see what actual use involves. Making instructional videos free and easily accessible is a great sales tool that costs you very little money, and once produced, no effort on your part.

Videos are relatively cheap to make and post online. This brings a greater return on investment than some other marketing tactics. The popularity of video content appeals to a wider range of the public than other media. Well-planned and entertaining instructional video leads to a better customer experience and shareable branding opportunities for your company. All of this creates better perceived value for your product. Driving sales on every new software product should involve the release of informative and appealing videos that are important to engaging today’s users. If you don’t have the talent or resources for generating professional-quality videos, there are many online sources for help. Considering the rewards, it’s still a safe investment.