The Inbound Marketer’s Checklist for Launching a New Website

Launching a new website can be a challenging task for any brand. Even seasoned online marketing professionals can struggle to manage the multitude of tasks that must occur in order to launch a ready-for-primetime, inbound-worthy site. Add to that the need to please all of the executives and other stakeholders, a seemingly near impossible task at times, and what everyone thought would be a simple undertaking can turn into every marketer’s nightmare – the endless website project.

Each step in the below checklist can serve as a building block for creating a website launch timeline and making sure it’s inbound-ready. Every step might not be required for every website project. However, customize this list as required, build a realistic timeline and use these self-imposed deadlines as leverage for moving a new website forward and avoiding the endless website project.

1. Copywriting and Editing

2. Design

3. Development

4. Testing (mobile, browsers, etc.)

5. Offer Creation (whitepapers, guides, ebooks, etc.)

6. Landing Page Design and Development

7. Call to Action Design

8. Blog Migration (if prudent)

9. Marketing Automation Integration

10. Analytics Integration

11. 301 Redirect Mapping (if prudent)

12. Lead Nurturing/Scoring/Intelligence Created

13. Email Templates Designed

14. A/B Testing Round One Established

15. New Social Profiles Established (if prudent)

16. On-page SEO Audited/Established

17. Interactive Graphics Created (if prudent)

18. Event/Behavior Tracking Implemented

19. CRM Integration

Steps one and two above are the biggest culprits for endlessly pushing website projects passed their deadline. Be cognizant of this and make sure the proper resources are in place to adequately expedite them. Also, avoid creating websites by committee whenever possible. The more cooks in the kitchen the messier it will get. Seek out one or two final decision makers.

With the 19 steps above fully implemented, the resulting website will certainly be inbound-ready. It will be prepared to reap the maximum benefits from content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and digital PR.

Image Credit: gertcha