The Most Promising Software Development Ideas for Startups 2019

Software Development

The Role of Technology in the Globe

If there is something that has improved over the past few decades, it’s technology. The rapid growth in this realm has brought tremendous improvements to other areas like the business sector. Technology is now an integral part of most companies and a vital element of the world’s economy.

Due to this growth, the regard for top software development companies has continued to increase rapidly. Clients from different corners of the world, including Australia, look up to these firms to give them solutions for various problems. Going by the statistics, the software development solutions have been of great assistance so far.

Best Software Development Ideas to Focus on

At the moment, technology has answers to every question. Whether it’s cost optimization, asset allocation, help with assignment writing, project tracking, or efficiency-boosting technology should be your best friend.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to starting a venture, you should consider Software as a Service (SaaS). At the moment this is the sector that is doing well. So many startups fail because the entrepreneurs do not realize the perfect niche. So, which are the most promising Software Improvement Ideas.


Imagine if you were to get payments on a daily basis or had to pay people every day. That would be a bit hectic, especially if the number of people involved is many. was made to reduce payment struggles. It utilizes blockchain technology to speed up payments while increasing the safety and efficiency of the process. is a modern version of the payroll system and ensures that there are real-time payments. Instead of waiting for long periods, you get paid every day.

2. Infinity

Just like its name, Infinity allows you to complete unlimited tasks. The tool is utilized for managing projects and enables the user to customize it in a way that suits them. Its flexibility aspect is impressive since you are given the freedom to organize your work area and assignment in a manner that you see fit.

Currently, there are several similar tools in the market. However, these other tools lack the flexibility that comes with Infinity. The tool, therefore, has a lot of potentials. Apart from the freedom to customize, the software also comes with infinite storage capacity.

3. Lobe

Many people are becoming familiar with the concept of deep learning. The popularity has seen it become applied to language processing, speech recognition, computer vision as well as machine translation. Lobe was created with deep learning in mind.

The tool allows everyone access to deep learning. Lobe enables the user to train their app to identify emotions, comprehend nature, hear music and feel movement. Visual examples make it possible to create models of deep learning which can be tested, refined and exported.

4. Overflow

This invention is the first of its kind. The flow diagram tool gives the user the freedom to come up with a design that describes their journey. The creators of this fantastic platform thought it was fit to create a tool that produces a flow diagram that has a simple structure and is attractive at the same time.

With this tool, you can see the user journey through the illustrated designs. The instrument was officially launched last year on March and became the product of the month upon its release.

5. Buy me Coffee

Financial constraints aren’t a new thing. People have been struggling with finances since time immemorial. Buy me Coffee was invented as a solution for budgetary problems. On this platform, you can quickly get funding for your project.

Buy me Coffee helps bring ideas into life by chipping in some cash into a venture. It is perfect for artists, writers, photographers, designers as well as any other soul focusing on bringing the creativity to the light. The platform creates a scenario where fans can donate to inventors who are struggling because of cash.

By now you are probably wondering how on earth that is going to happen. However, the process is straightforward; the artist shares their creative journey with their fans after setting, and those willing to help will chip in.

Final Thoughts

Every year comes with new things. There were remarkable trends in the world of technology during the previous year, and some more have been invented during 2019. Keeping up with trends ensures that you become successful in everything that you do.

The ideas indicated here are some of the best in software creation and are showing great potential. Most of them have already done very well and indicate signs of performing even better in the coming years.

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