The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Getting Instant Results for Your Business with Instagram

Are you using Instagram to connect with your audience?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It has over 1.1 billion users worldwide. The number of daily active users of Instagram is around 500 million. There are over 25 million businesses on Instagram that are making use of the medium for their advertising, promotion and growth.

[bctt tweet=”With about 70% of Instagram users logging in at least once a day, it translates to your content reaching hundreds of thousands of people.” username=”relevance”]

Instagram advertising works best for the businesses that are in the creative or visual industry, such as craft making, makeup or restaurant business.

But just like any other social media site, not everything works on Instagram.

To help all businesses out there who are planning to join Instagram or are struggling with their Instagram results, here is a cheat sheet that will help you get instant results for your business.

Get Instant Results for Your Business with Instagram

Follow this simple cheat sheet to get instant positive results for your business on Instagram.

1. Make a Plan

Just like any other social media channel, you need to start with proper planning when building your brand presence on Instagram. Start with asking yourself the following questions:

When you have the answers to all these questions, you will be able to begin the Instagram journey for your business. Just starting without a plan will take you nowhere as there is plenty of content already present on Instagram, and unless you offer the right content to your target audience, you will just be like any other business on Instagram and have no real success.

2. Create Your Business Profile

Many businesses don’t pay much attention to the strategic bio when it comes to their Instagram profiles. A good social media bio creates a great first impression on your audience. Create an Instagram profile that is congruent to what your business offers and consistent with your brand image. It is essentially a summary of your business; therefore, it needs to be as straightforward, clear and concise as possible. It must also include a call to action that gives your followers a clear action plan the moment they decide to contact you.

Your call to action on Instagram can change regularly depending on what you are promoting lately. It may be anything, from a product to a blog, that you want your audience to pay attention to and follow.

3. It’s All About Visuals

Instagram is all about visual content. You will not be able to capture the attention of your audience unless you have visuals that make you stand out from the crowd.  If you want to make your content pop, you need to create beautiful and attractive visuals that capture the attention of the audience at first glance. You can use different apps to edit and refine your pictures and videos before uploading them on your profile.

4. Content Is King for Instagram as Well

As cliché as it may sound, content is king. And the more you post on your Instagram profile, the better are your chances of reaching your target audience and getting more followers. Determine the best times to post your content based on where your followers are located. If you have a business blog, you can use your Instagram profile to get more people to reach your blog. But you need to make sure that you have great content on your blog as well. You can take help from a blog writing service to create great content that helps you get more followers.

[bctt tweet=”Instagram is like a sea of visual content and making your content prominent is not an easy task.” username=”relevance”]

While you are at it, also keep track of your analytics and determine what works best for you.

Bonus Tip: Inspirational posts are the best for higher engagement. Therefore, use them more often. Sharing too many pictures of your business may also turn away your audience. People don’t log on to Instagram to see boring corporate advertisements. Appeal to their emotions and make it fun. Tell them more about who you are and what you have to offer and you will see an increase in your audience engagement. This fun post from Shape Magazine is a great example.

5. Work on Your Captions

Instagram captions are supposed to be  2,200 characters long. While it is a good amount of space, don’t expect your audience to read it all. To make the most of your captions, it is best to get straight to the point as Instagram cuts off your captions.

Furthermore, people have the attention span of a goldfish. Thus, if you have something to say, better say it fast before your audience’s attention drifts away to something else.

6. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for boosting your Instagram posts as they not only help you categorize your content but also make it more searchable. It is important to incorporate a good mix of both the branded hashtags and the community hashtags. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but you don’t have to use them all. TrackMaven analyzed over 65,000 Instagram posts and found that the ideal number for highest post engagement is 9 hashtags. Longer hashtags were also found to perform better than the short ones.

It is also important not to use the same hashtags for every post. You need to identify your content and audience before you decide on the hashtags you want to include in your posts. The more relevant they are to your brand and what you are offering, the better are your chances of being seen and followed.

7. Make the Most of Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads allow a business to showcase their products and services better, not only to their followers but also to anyone in your niche. This allows a business to expand their reach and boosts their Instagram marketing efforts. The chances of getting more followers increase when there is an increase in brand visibility, and sponsored ads on Instagram offer a business profile just that.

While using Instagram for business is a great way to increase the engagement rate, using the right tools and taking the right steps is also important to get instant results. If used correctly, Instagram can help you increase your brand awareness as well as your conversion rates.

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