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Why Having Open Communication About Your Team’s Wellbeing Is Vital for Your Business

Date published: July 08, 2020
Last updated: July 8, 2020

More businesses are waking up to the fact that it’s best to address employees’ wellbeing openly. By promoting a culture of wellness to improve your team’s mental and physical health, you’ll ensure your team is healthier and happier. And when teams are healthy and happy, they will be more productive and focused. So, being open about your team’s wellbeing is a win-win situation.

Healthy Teams Save Money

When employees are absent because of health issues, it costs a business time and money. Therefore, it stands to reason that businesses that carry out health and wellness initiatives see far fewer people missing work. By implementing wellbeing schemes, such as workshops and yoga classes, your team will be more balanced and healthier.

According to a study by the International Social Security Association in Geneva, every €1 invested in occupational health and safety creates a return of €2.20. So, wellness schemes do not only save money. They actually increase company profits.

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Regular Communication Benefits Your Team’s Wellbeing and Productivity

When employees are not in regular contact with their colleagues and team leaders, their productivity can drop. If your team members begin to feel undervalued because they aren’t receiving the interaction they need, it can also create non-wellbeing. And as more and more employees work from home, isolation can create mental health problems. If your team is working remotely, it’s vital that every member of the team participates in regular online meetings, for example via Zoom. And you can make those meetings fun by uploading virtual backgrounds. By using Zoom background images and videos from, you can make it look like you are in central New York or sitting beside a beautiful blue lake!

Don’t just stick to work-related conferences, though. It’s important to use video calls to have fun as well. If you really want to keep remote teams in high spirits, to ensure they are healthy, happy, and productive, hold something like a weekly quiz or talent show. Fun group bonding activities, whether online or in the office, are fantastic ways of creating an environment of wellness.

A Healthy Team Shows Your Company Cares

In addition to healthy and happy workers being more productive and taking fewer sick days, a team that has wellbeing benefits a business in terms of how those inside and outside the organization see its company culture. In terms of public relations and employee retention, implementing wellbeing schemes at the workplace will create a positive image of your business. It will also increase your team’s loyalty and boost morale. Remember, most talented workers look for firms that offer health and wellness packages and an employer who values its team’s wellness. So, by implementing wellness schemes, you’ll attract the best new talent.

Include a wellbeing plan as part of your business’s mission statement to ensure everyone knows you are open and serious about looking after your team. You will also then gain a reputation as a caring employer.

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Physical Wellbeing Is Also Important

Wellness isn’t just about the wellbeing of your team’s mental health. It is also about ensuring you do as much as possible to help your employee’s physical health. The more open you are about wanting to help your team stay physically healthy, the more your employees will feel they can bring up problems and suggest new ideas.

Quite simply, when your team is in good physical shape, they will have better mental health and be able to do a better job. So, encourage your team to take regular breaks to stretch their legs, and introduce fitness apps or office workout spaces.

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