Tips for Driving a More Targeted Lead Campaign

How do you turn leads into customers? Every day, companies try every trick in the book to solve this age-old question and drive more business in the door, and one Indianapolis professional has a pretty good idea of how to do just that. Jenny Vance, President of LeadJen, often discusses the topic of what B2B companies can do to reach the right audience and garner more converting leads. In a social media event this morning, she shared a few ways businesses can drive a more targeted lead campaign.

Don’t Waste Time

Lead generation is an increasingly important part of growing your business. Many companies allow leads to sit in a long sales funnel, which can lead to potential clients losing interest and finding another company that meets their needs. If you don’t know how to nurture your leads, that can create a huge gap in closing deals. Changing the cadence of your lead nurturing can allow companies to build better relationships with potential clients by creating an open line of communication.

That doesn’t mean you have to (or should) smother potential clients, but it does mean that you can build more connected relationships by being more available and top of mind.

Less is More

When marketing to your audience and trying to drive leads, make sure your campaign is clear, concise and tailored to your audience. Messaging that is directly related to the leads you want to attract may cut down your overall reach, but it also can raise conversions. If you target only people who are interested in the services you provide, you can focus on nurturing them through your sales funnel rather than spending time trying to convince them into it.

Retargeting Works

Paid marketing is a great strategy to continue harboring relationships with prospective clients. Because your original campaigns were well-targeted, you know that the leads that didn’t convert right away are still worth chasing. Consider returning to your most successful campaigns and focusing on retargeting ads to leads that didn’t quite convert. Retargeting is an important part of paid advertisement because it keeps you top of mind to prospects that were already interested in your services.

Be More Social

Professionals today are socially savvy; they’ll often check out your social profiles even before they visit your website. Prospective clients are interested in how you are interacting on the web and want to make sure your message aligns with what they are looking for. Prospects want to be treated like more than a number, and if they can communicate with you on multiple channels and feel as though they have created some kind of connection, they may have more stake in your partnership.

Choosing the right social platforms is also important for delivering the right messages at the right time. Twitter, for instance, is a place where you can take more liberties and easily get in front of people you might not have been able to connect with before. LinkedIn offers a more professional environment where you can showcase the work your company does and connect with clients on personal level. This platform also allows you to target potential clients with ads that are perfectly tailored to them, driving more qualified leads into your funnel.

As your sales funnel churns, try to get a grasp on how your business can be more deliberate with its methods. Don’t ignore leads that filter into your system; make a connection early on. Create very targeted campaigns that allow for niche retargeting later in an effort to capture only those truly interested in your service. And understand that having profiles that are easy to navigate and sharing a clear message for what your company does are incredibly important in attracting leads.

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