Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on a Small Budget

Majority of the entrepreneurs think that the biggest challenge of starting a business is getting capital and setting it up. However, those who have been into a business before, probably know that reaching customers and maintain them is the biggest encounter of all.

All the same, it doesn’t have to be, with the following tactics, you’ll be able to serve more clients than you can even manage without spending a fortune on advertisements;

1. Give away freebies

One way you can advertise your business to potential clients is by giving them samples of what you sell or offer them free services. However, you should first ensure your product or service is of high quality if you need them to come back for more. If they do come back, sell to them and maintain them.

You can also take advantage of freebies by giving to those who cannot afford it in society. Be sure to call the press to witness your generosity, and you’ll surely earn a free advertisement for your business on TVs and Radios.

2. Offer discount

Offering coupons to your customers is another great way to attract them. Nobody likes spending too much money on buying items, so customers will first go-round window shopping and buy from the shop that has the best offer

3. Look out for referrals

Ask your clients to spread the word about your business to others. Of course, you must first be sure to offer the best to them. Otherwise, nobody will ever come back to your business, leave alone referring their friends to you. If you own an online store, be sure to tell them to rate your product/service and give their reviews concerning it.

4. Use social media platforms

Did you know you can market your business out there to millions of people without spending a single dollar? Billions of people are using social media platforms such as Facebook. Therefore, all you need is to get an account and network. Connect with as many people as you can, join or start your group and help others for free. When they trust you, post about your business, and they’ll surely be your customers.

5. Learn from your competitors

Observe your competitors and know what tactics they use to reach out to their clients. You can then use the method or even explore more to get ahead of them. You can as well identify their weakness, and improve your business by avoiding them.

6. Move from your store

Don’t just sit and wait for customers in your store, get moving and look for them. For example, if you deal with construction materials hardware, you can hire marketing personnel to go around yourself looking for construction sites to tell them about your offer.

7. Manage your marketing budget

Now, that you only have little money to spend on your marketing, you need to keep track of your marketing budget. You can easily do it by using Ms excels spreadsheets. Learn step by step instructions on how to do it and be able to manage your work well.

8. Start a blog

Having a website is an excellent way of reaching out to as many customers as possible. You can start your blog yourself by watching you-tube tutorials or else hire a freelancer to assist you with that at a small fee. Make your blog count by having excellent and relevant content to your potential clients. Make use of social media again like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise your blog, by sharing links.

9. Be sure to carry business card every time

Design or have someone print out an awesome business card with your contact and the type of business you have. Bring your cards with you whenever you go to the gatherings and share them with as many people as possible. The more people you tell about your store, the more customers you’ll have. Again, never compromise the quality of your products, if you want to maintain your clients.

We all start a business to sell and make money. Therefore, there’s no point of starting one if you can’t work extra hard to get customers and keep them. So, whenever, you think of a business, be sure to follow the above tips for marketing it, and for sure your business will be successful.

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