Tips for Naming Your Content Marketing Agency

Tips for Naming Your Content Marketing Agency

Whether you’re an individual freelance writer looking to grow your services into a larger brand, or a couple of entrepreneurs trying to tap into the lucrative content marketing industry, one of the toughest tasks you face can be naming your agency. Where do you start? What are the rules? How can I get creative business names for my agency? These are common questions with surprisingly straightforward answers.

Planning a brainstorming session to come up with an appropriate name for your content marketing agency? Please keep these things in mind:

  • Steer clear of names that have even a hint of controversy.
  • Make sure that the names you have on your shortlist do not result in embarrassing or funny abbreviations.
  • Do not create a name that limits the scope of your business to a single service
  • The name must roll off the tongue easily. Do not pick tongue twisters.
  • Do not use names that are associated with any current fads

Other things to focus on:

Identify Your Brand

Before you can name your content marketing agency, you need to have a firm understanding of what your brand’s core values are. In other words, what do you stand for and what specific value are you providing clients?

The reason this matters is that your brand name speaks to potential clients and serves as your first impression. If your name is Johnson and Associates Content Marketing, you’re going to attract a much different client base than if your name is Krazy Town Content. The former would suggest you are a formal agency that’s focused on traditional content creation services. The latter would indicate you’re a progressive brand that’s more focused on fringe startups and lighter content.

Basically, you need to identify your values and goals before naming your agency. You shouldn’t start with a name and then build your business around it. That’s the wrong progression.

Consider Naming Structures

There are some different strategies for naming brands that have worked well for many popular brands and agencies in the past. Here are some of those approaches:

  • Hybrids—Some of the most popular brand and product names in the world are what branding experts would call “hybrids.” These are brand names that are developed using the combination of two words. Think about names such as PlayStation, AquaFresh, ThinkPad and SportsCenter.
  • Neologisms—As it becomes increasingly difficult to find original brand names, some businesses are creating their own words. Examples of neologisms include Microsoft, Kleenex and Spotify. While they sound like real words now, they were completely made up.
  • Acronyms—Sometimes a name is too long or complex and needs to be shortened. Popular acronym-based names include AT&T, CBS, ESPN, GE and IBM. Acronyms can be effective, but they also say very little about your brand from a branding point of view.
  • Founder names—Brand names are often modeled after the founder’s name. Examples include Ford, Charles Schwab and Ogilvy. Again, you have to be careful with these names, as they often don’t give customers a clear picture of what value your brand offers.

Think About Your Internet Presence

In today’s landscape, you can’t develop a successful brand without first considering the internet. When naming your content marketing agency, pay special attention to the competition and whether or not domains and social profiles exist for the name you want. If the URL is already taken, then it’s probably not a smart idea to use that as your brand name. (Good news: It’s a terrible name to begin with.)

Be Careful Using the Word “Content”

You don’t want to limit your growth potential. Unfortunately, many businesses do this without realizing it. Take Apple for example. Steve Jobs and his founding team actually incorporated the company as Apple Computer, Inc. in 1977. They were later forced to rename the company Apple Inc. in 2007, because the former name was too restricting.

As a content marketing agency, be wary of using the word “content” in your brand name. This could pose issues down the road, should you decide to pivot or expand your service offerings.

As your business name is the first thing any customer will note and remember, it must be unique, catchy, creative and simple to remember and recall as well. Whoops! That’s asking for a lot of things in one go. However, it is a fact that a business that creates a great first impression generally finds the going smooth, at least initially till the business gathers steam.

The inspiration for an appropriate name for your content marketing agency can come from anywhere – even from the most unlikely of places. You can choose a name that sounds very “proper”, playful, or functional. All you have to make sure is that the name projects a strong image of your content marketing business that is easily retainable as well in the minds of customers and visitors.

Is your name (first or last doesn’t matter) already a popular one and can ring a bell effortlessly in the minds of customers? It may be a good move to cash in on this aspect and build your equity on that. Of course, you will have to expand the agency name beyond your name with an apt descriptor so that it is recognized as a content marketing agency by name even by those who are not familiar with your name.

Also, ensure that the name you choose does not get lost amongst agencies with similar-sounding names. If they specialize in offering nearly the same or similar services that are your USPs, you could have problems driving traffic to your business. A name that is not only easy to remember and recall but also has that unique factor that immediately creates a connection between your brand and content marketing is the best choice.

Ready, Set, Name

Naming your content marketing agency should be fun and exciting – but make sure you’ve done your due diligence and have a clear grasp of your brand’s goals. Only then can you develop a name that will properly reflect your brand for years to come.