Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Deliver Great Content

Writing is not as easy as many think. It’s more than just sitting down and typing. The very process takes concentration and inspiration, but not all days are motivational that way. Sometimes, writing is like pushing a mountain to move. It won’t budge no matter how hard you try or effort you put into it. However, instead of trying to move the mountain, why not just take a nice walk and climb over it?

Writer’s block is a thing, although many fought against it in their own way. Jack London, the author of White Fang, believed that the cure for writer’s block is to write every day. His colleague, Isaak Asimov, a famous science fiction writer, disciplined himself to write 10 pages per day. On the other hand, Neil Gaiman advises that you put your work aside for a few days without thinking about it during that time. Then, read it and if you don’t like it, start over. Otherwise, apply changes and continue.

Nevertheless, writing novels and stories is not the only writer’s job. Sometimes it’s more about the skill that creates the content, than the creativity behind the creation. This means that you have to be productive every day, and it’s not something that easily achieved for every writer. That’s why some writers need to go to the extra length and motivate themselves to deliver great content.

1. Accept why you write

Whenever you do something, you should always ask yourself why. Some people like to write, others see it as means to an end. Whatever the reasons may be, they’re all writers and that profession carries responsibilities.

The creative process is not the same for all. The better you know yours, the faster you’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles on the way. If you’re writing articles for magazines, stories or you are a novelist, you still have to respect the deadlines. In addition, an obligation to submit a quality work applies no matter the job requirements. If you can accept why you write, then you’ll do it more easily.

2. Find something interesting in your job

Creativity is always welcoming, but some writing tasks may not be inspirational at all. In order to focus, find something interesting and concentrate on that. Consider the writing task as something educational and learn from the experience.

Try some new writing styles, test your skill and broaden your vocabulary. This will all help you create great content and perfect your writing skill. Every writing assignment can be interesting if you decide to perceive it that way. Even when you write about the topic you don’t care, you can concentrate on the challenge.

3. Read your work

Always reread your work. Usually, you won’t have enough time to follow the Neil Gaiman’s advice, but you can at least read it after you finish. Proofreading your work will help you notice the mistakes and observe what you need to improve. Also, it is a perfect way to follow your progress as a writer. On the other hand, it helps you do your job perfectly and to the best of your ability. Praise for your work is a perfect motivator to do any job.

4. Don’t underestimate the readers

Every reader who reads your work becomes your audience. This means that you should tell the story in the best possible way and with respect. As a novelist, you have more freedom to narrow the target audience, but as a content writer, you have to be respectful of all. The language and style must be adjusted to the general reader and you shouldn’t use unacceptable and disrespectful language.

Bear in mind that every reader will have an opinion of your work. Some might take it personally, and others may forget it after few minutes. Whatever it may be, you can touch someone’s life even without realizing it and that should count for something. Always write with the intent to say something, but make sure that you can accept the consequence of your words.

5. Create writing conditions

Writing conditions are one of those things you can’t do without. Some writers like perfect silence and that’s why they go to retreats or some remote locations. Others can work perfectly in the busy coffee shop or while listening to music. But one thing is for sure, you need a writing spot nonetheless. So, if you work in the office, make the place more personal to feel comfortable.

If you work from home then you’ll have to designate a place where you feel the most inclined to write. Even if you need extra space, don’t over think it. Pack the unnecessary stuff and look for a storage website for practical solutions to remove them from your home. This should provide you with enough space to place a desk and a comfortable chair, if not to create a complete writer’s retreat inside your home.

6. Collect enough reference materials

Research is the writer’s best friend. This means that you have to find data on everything, even on the topics familiar to you. Although writing is a skill, it’s also a talent. This means that to some people it comes naturally, and others have to put extra effort. But when it comes to the content, all writers have to perform research if they want to be the best they can.

7. Practice makes perfect

The more you write, the better you’ll become but only if you accept the feedback. Improving your writing is useless if you can’t be critical of it and ready to make some changes. Stephen King, one of the most famous contemporary writers, advises giving your work to the most trusted people. They will be brutally honest, but all for your own good.

If you want to be published and public with your work, you have to accept that people will have opinions. However, you have to always work on your style and delivering quality content.

All in all

If you decided to become a writer than this advice will be a great starting point for you. Motivation is important for any type of writers, but it’s also one of the elements easily neglected. Instead of depressing on your inability to write when needed, try some of these tips and motivate yourself. Soon enough you’ll be delivering great content and rediscovering yourself as a writer.


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