Top 5 Content Management Tools You Should Use in 2018 and Beyond


In the age of modern technology, people are consuming content continuously, be it from their smartphones, their laptop or their television, etc. The volume of content they’re consuming has increased significantly, thus it is important that companies curate their content for their product to stand out.

This is where content curation comes in, where companies look for content on the internet and compile a list that is useful for the audience they’re targeting. This process is different from content marketing, where companies create and promote their own content, but in content curation they are only promoting it from other sources.

Content curation tools are used to provide users with top quality content, which is supposed to help them save time. Instead of looking through articles after articles, for the best content, they have it delivered to them through automated software. There’s also been a great increase in the amount of companies, offering such software. Some of the best are listed below:


One of the more famous tools of content curation is Pocket, which helps you save webpages you might like, for later reading. Previously, in order to achieve this task, people used to email themselves links, so that they could access them later, or maybe share them with someone else. On laptops, Pocket can be enabled as an extension and with a click of a button, your content is saved. Not only that, this content is synced across multiple devices and the users can save them using tags, which makes it easier for them to find later. Another additional feature, or more specifically, another advantage that it provides, is the ability to seamlessly integrate your media into apps that number at over 500. Content such as videos, images and articles can be imported and edited or used in some other way, in applications such as Evernote and other popular platforms.

Note: In some cases, adding an Pocket extension to the Edge browser causes a vcruntime140.dll missing  error.It’s system file from Visual C++ Redistributable package. So solution for this problem is to update C++ package or download missed file manually.


Feedly is majorly concerned with tailoring the user’s content according to his favorite websites or blogs, which it then presents to them in the form of magazine. It works as an RSS feed which gathers content based on tags and topics the user searches and saves. A few particular sources can also be used to pull the content and present it to the user. Quite similar to Pocket, Feedly allows you to sync your personalized content, across multiple devices such as your mobile and laptop. There have been issues reported in the software, with some RSS feeds not being able to pull images from webpages and display it to the user, but that still does not undermine the great utility of this software. Feedly also has paid services which offer better integration, an unlimited amount of feeds and more increased support.


Storify is a content curation tool that helps users experience great quality content through sources which are reputable, especially social media sites. It combines data collected from various social sites such as YouTube and even blogs, to display to the user. Storify also employs a drag and drop feature, which allows users to embed videos, images etc. It also has benefits for content marketers, which allows them to expand their audience, as it raises the chances of their content showing up for users. Sometimes users can be overwhelmed by the amount of features that Storify provides and their depth, so there is a free version that they can sign up for, to get a feel of its functionality, before moving on to purchase the paid options.


Curata specializes in not only curating content, but it’s used by many content marketers for helping its users gather informative content and in turn increase their revenues. It employs a self-learning mechanism and allows users to promote their content very effectively. Companies such as Dell and IBM, as well as many universities employ the services of Curata for providing and scaling data to their users. The data that the software gathers allows its customers to re-organize and alter their content, to better suit the needs of their audiences and have this content relayed to them through one central platform. Curata is popular among a lot content marketers, as it allows its users to change their content in a short amount of time, which helps them with their busy schedule of work. is a content curation that gathers the most relevant topics from millions of pages on the internet and organizes it in a very user friendly interface. It generates content based on topics that the user prefers and selects and then also suggests similar topics that it thinks might be of use to the consumer. It also provides them with the option to edit and filter content, as well as to share it on multiple social media also offers predictive insights that has made it popular among millions of content marketers. They offer their services for free, but paid options give you the option to perform more robust searches and to share your content across all social media platforms.


Each of these content curation software have their own uses and your selection will depend on what your needs and wants are. Employing them will help you go a long way in either being productive or attracting a larger audience.

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