Top 5 Ways To Make Money By Blogging

If you enjoy creative writing and want to combine this with making money, then blogging is a fantastic way to engage. First of all, do your research online to establish a category you feel comfortable writing about and then create a strategy using your knowledge and skills to target your audience. The simplest way to start is via social media platforms. Once you see positive feedback, then progress using the following 5 tips. Be aware, this is probably not a quick way to earn mega money, it takes time, patience, and skill to achieve this goal, but it’s fun all the same.

Let’s start with 5 basic tips to follow; although there are many more but we have to start somewhere.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Let’s take a few words to explain what this actually means. Affiliate Marketing is, in principle, a way of generating income where you earn a fixed rate of commission when you refer a visitor or customer from your blog to another associate company. If your reader clicks through to the website of the company you are referring them to and this ultimately results in your reader makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Now you are probably asking yourself the question – How is this all controlled? Well, when you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a special link with a tracking code. It’s vitally important you read the terms and conditions before engaging with any company as commission rates and methods of payment can be very different than you had originally imagined. There are rates as low as 2 per cent and as high as 50 per cent. However, some affiliate programs offer a fixed income per sale, so make sure you read the terms cautiously when applying.

Choosing your blog format will make all the difference in the long term to success and failure. The best blogs are generally education (tutorials), reviews, details, and “How to do it” guides, although there are many other options.

Secondly, your affiliate income needs to be recurring. To achieve the best results, you need compelling, well-optimised content to make your post rank for related keywords. Targeting long tail, low competition keywords will achieve better results. Use Google Keyword Planner to establish your keyword strategy.

Furthermore, don’t forget to post on social media and via outreach to target an even bigger audience. This is a great place to kick-start your blog before it starts to rank in searches.

Here are some Affiliate Networks worth engaging with:

Amazon Associates

Paid on Results

Rakuten Marketing

There are many companies offering affiliate programs. It’s worth checking your favorite products and search if they have a referral/affiliate program.

2: E-Books

So, e-books are another way to earn money from your blog, but the secret is to be different from all the other amazing books that are free issue and used commonly to attract target audiences. Simply write a book about what your audience wants to know, not one about what you think your audience needs. This is a subtle difference in approach, but a massive difference in engagement results. This will almost certainly generate recurring income.

Before you commence, it may be worthwhile to run a survey on social media to establish the desire for your e-book idea. This is usually a good indicator for future success. At least this way you won’t be wasting time and effort on something that potentially there is no need for.

3: E-courses and Workshops

Another format to generate recurring income from your blog is to create an e-course module using an online course structure that even if it only appeals to a relatively small audience of, say, email subscribers, you will make a good profit.

Choose a topical subject that you have done your research on and design an e-course or workshop that teaches a unique skill in the form of an email course, video lectures, and/or workshop, or simply a text course, but make it compelling, interesting, and definitely engaging.

4: Product Reviews

Much emphasis is placed on product reviews these days and potential purchasers will research reviews before parting with their money. Some brands will offer you a fee for hosting product giveaways and writing reviews, others may simply offer you a free product with no income. Whilst a review blog is a lucrative option if you do it right, it’s not necessarily the best format to guarantee recurring income. There are generally lengthy negotiations and very detailed terms involved, so be on your guard.

5: Sidebar Ads

Mainly through saturation and over-use, it’s a fact that web users have a developed a natural blindness when it comes to reading banner ads. They have a limited attention span of seconds, so they don’t waste that time on something they are not looking for, they prefer to utilise their precious time on what attracted them to your blog in the first instance. However, with careful planning, you can still gain recurring income from ads, especially if the ad is a good fit with your blog rather than something random and unconnected.

Selling ad space to other bloggers is one form of utilising banner ads especially if your blog is getting tens of thousands of visitors per month. It’s possible to sell this space for £100/month and you could potentially host up to 10 client ads per month.

Alternatively, selling ad space to advertisers is a fantastic way to earn good money, but you must have a blog that that attracts a big volume of visitors on a regular basis. The way this works is most advertisers will pay you per click, although some will pay per view, but this isn’t common. Finally, you can use the side bar ad to promote affiliate ads, although this tends to be the last resort as it’s not generally good income.