Top 6 Content Marketing Tips for 2019

Today we are living in a world that’s powered by content. However, strategies involving content marketing are constantly evolving and that’s why marketers must keep tweaking their strategies with time to keep pace with the changing nature of the content marketing landscape. Here are the best content marketing tips that can keep you ahead in the marketing game for 2019.

Do Extensive Keyword Research Before Creating Content

Quality content is definitely a huge plus point but only good content is unlikely to help you cross the winning line. Your content must be SEO-ready and that means using the right keywords for your content. Do spend time researching and finding the targeted keywords and then create quality content around those keywords. You can hire services for cheap essays from

Make Your Content More Powerful With Data

Quality content will always attract the audience but if you want your content to resonate with your audience and attract more readers then the best way of doing it is adding facts and figures. Pepper you content with carefully researched and analyzed data to add value and get your readers involved. Another important thing to remember. Give credit to websites from where you have quoted the data and provide links if possible.

Keeping Updating Content for Fresh and Repeated Hits

This is a great strategy which does not involve too much of hard work. However, do not get too lazy by updating just the date and parts of the content. You can achieve the best results by adding content that is relevant to the topic and can provide additional and updated information to your readers. How frequently to do it? There are no rules but updating the content once a month can deliver good results. It will also send a signal to readers that you care about providing information.

The Content and Your Brand Voice Must Be In Sync

Your content must make your readers identify with your brand or in other words, your content must be reflective of your brand voice. It can be challenging but if you can pull it off, the results can be spectacular. Your writing must also reflect what your organization and brand image stands for. Use a friendly tone that sends out a signal quickly that you can be a great partner to do business with.

Be Frank with Your Thoughts

It is always better if speak in your own voice rather than state the opinion of others. In a highly competitive market, your honest opinion, even if it is contrary to the popular ones, will attract the audience quickly. Focus on your positives and write unique content that spells out your views positively. Your goal should be to improvise and create something remarkable and different. At the same time, do not take your eyes off what your competitors are doing.

Evaluate the Progress of Your Content

Once you have created and posted a great blog or article, then then you need to check whether how well that post is liked by the visitors. There are many tools that can be used for this purpose now. Google Analytics is used by many marketers to trace the progress of content popularity. Regular and continued evaluation is a good strategy for content marketing.