Top Reasons Why White Label SEO Is The Key To Success

Constraints like lack of expertise, staff, time, etc. often hold back many agencies from offering profitable services to their clients. Thankfully, agencies that are interested in providing SEO services but face these kinds of challenges can sidestep them by offering SEO reseller services through the White Label SEO model. Here, we will look at top reasons why white label SEO is the key to success.

Focus on your skill set

If you are a brand that specializes in a service related to SEO like web design or content writing, you can sell SEO services by outsourcing them to a white label SEO company. This will allow you to diversify your business, while still concentrating your efforts on what you do best. All that’s needed is to get the clients that are interested in SEO services, and the white label company will worry about the rest.

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Get the services whenever you need them

Hiring a fulltime SEO specialist is quite costly; especially since good SEO experts charge anything from $100-$200 per hour. Freelancers, on the other hand, might need a retainer or an upfront payment, which might be a problem for small agencies. White label SEO services solve both of these problems because you only pay for the services when you get a client that has paid for them. This model helps you to minimize costs and maximize profits.

No need to invest in SEO tools

Dedicated SEO agencies spend up to $10,000 a year on premium subscriptions to various SEO tools. Even firms not selling SEO services spend a handsome amount on these tools. The tools are used for keyword research, keyword planning, content publishing, etc. Instead of setting up an in-house SEO and having to incur all these costs, you can sell provable white label SEO services.

Bundling SEO with other services

Adding SEO services as one of your products can help you provide full-fledged service. This is especially true for digital agencies that provide services related to SEO. Examples of these include Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Content Writing. You can offer your clients the benefit of getting your main service bundled with SEO as an add-on at a pocket-friendly rate.

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Save money on PPC advertising

Pay Per Click advertising gets guaranteed traffic, but nothing beats organic traffic. The problem with relying on PPC for all traffic is that as soon as you run out of money to advertise, you will lose your traffic as well. One key advantage of working with an established SEO company is that they will help your clients attain sustainable organic traffic through white hat techniques. Even though it might be costlier than PPC, it will eventually pay off when the traffic starts trickling in.

White label SEO is the secret to increasing your agency revenue without necessarily increasing your costs. You do not need to pay to start reselling SEO services from another company. Your only expense will be that of looking for clients, which you are already doing anyway.

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