Top SEO-friendly Content Assets Your Sales Team Needs to Share with Marketing

Every modern organisation has gotten the memo: Company culture, community feeling, and communication are the lifeblood of every successful business venture. Apart from the positive effects on employee well-being and job satisfaction, open communication and barrier-free interaction can be major drivers of synergetic gains. As many SEO consultants will confirm, the largest gap – and, hence, the greatest potential for synergies – lies between sales and marketing. Your sales team is sitting atop a treasure trove of text and other media, which you can easily turn into a pillar of your content marketing strategy. All it takes is a little communication and some clever combinatorics.

Here are four great ways SEO experts agree sales insight can empower your marketing tremendously and could result in boosting your visibility on search engines in the process.

1. Pool high-quality knowledge into a FAQ page

This first synergy is intuitive and easy to realise: Your sales teams know your product inside out and add the valuable insights gained from each customer interaction. All you need to do is make sure sales calls and email exchanges get recorded properly, a function which is automated in most modern sales management platforms. Then pass the records on to your content marketing team, and they will turn that high-quality information into a state-of-the-art FAQ section for your website.

The benefits of a good FAQ page are numerous. The answers to specific questions have a chance to appear at the top of Google’s search results (in Google’s ‘answer boxes’) when optimised correctly; the encyclopaedic nature of the page will boost return visits, and can also increase subscribers in some cases; and the neatly organised texts can become the backbone of your longer-term marketing strategy – think different media formats, quick tutorials, demos, and different data visualisations.

2. Reduce complexity and increase your authority with a glossary

Whenever they see even slightly arcane terms popping up repeatedly throughout a product pitch, SEO consultants immediately think: Glossary! Compiling a list of terms with proper definitions and illustrations is a fantastic way for your sales team to pour ready content into your strategic marketing mix. It can also represent an effective boost for your organic search rankings if designed with search engines in mind. To “convince” Google of the quality of your page content, be sure to add synonyms as well as related terms, avoid repeating key words too many times, and, above all, optimise this effort with a thorough keyword research to ensure your definitions include terms that your audience is familiar with or use often in search. Finally, do not refrain from using other formats than text as videos for instance can be much more effective to explain certain concepts than written content. It goes without saying that you should always optimise your other content formats for search as well.

3. Gain qualified customers through your sales team’s research work

Sales departments, and especially those responsible for sales enablement, habitually compile a number of documents with valuable data presented in effective and attractive ways. Among those, count their PowerPoint presentations of your various company offerings, white papers about the industry’s present and future, specific case studies, and other unique content, which has high marketing value. SEO experts see this material’s high worth and know how to turn it into a powerful lead magnet. Setting aside a separate page for such research reports attracts readers and makes for more qualified customers, too.

4. Create sharper buyer personas

Surely you have heard of buyer personas. Most SEO experts are very keen on the concept. Indeed, it is the best way to formulate your customer groups’ needs, wants, and triggers. This is where your sales team comes into play yet again. Together with customer service (but this is another discussion!), there is no other team who knows better what makes browsers into buyers and then into repeat buyers. Having a qualified insight into that conversion process is a key part of sharpening your marketing strategy and honing your messaging.

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