Top Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018


In the digital age, trends can often appear out of anywhere. It is the job of everyone involved in the industry, particularly those who actually make a living from these changing trends, to understand and work with them effectively without being overbearing on the end user.

Take a look at the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as an example. Snapchat Stories, and the subsequently-released Instagram Stories, are some of the most successful trends in social media history.

As one might expect, there are several reasons for that as well. For instance, users might feel like ephemeral content like that is more authentic. Furthermore, they want to constantly engage due to a fear of missing out on content that will never again be available to them.

Importantly, many of these trends are focused almost exclusively on the mobile world. Of course, this should not come as a surprise because mobile is growing across every market. Even website visits are now dominated by mobile which accounts for about 60 percent of Internet traffic.

Today, social media actually comes in more forms than ever. User engagement can happen in an increasingly large number of platforms. Messaging, for example, is a vital area for prospective brand participation, even when you simply look at it from a numbers-based perspective.

WhatsApp and Messenger alone, both owned by Facebook, have 1.3 billion and 1.2 billion active users, respectively. Taking into account the fact that there are about 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, the statistics speak for themselves.

Filmora has taken the liberty of compiling a great infographic on the top social media trends which are poised to take over 2018. If you are at all interested in online marketing, the infographic is definitely worth a look.


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