Twitter Advertising Turns 5 Years Old

Twitter is now poised as one of the main players in the social networking world and many of us spend a good portion of our day on it. Many people use it even while watching their favorite TV shows to see what everyone else is saying.

Like most businesses, Twitter needed revenue to keep the lights on, so Twitter Ads were created in early April 2000. The initial roll out was available to select partners only, but just five years later, the ad platform is available for use in many countries worldwide. It’s global availability gives digital marketers plentiful ammunition in their arsenal of online techniques for lead and/or traffic generation.

This info-graphic from DPFOC charts the short history of Twitter advertising using the social media platform’s native timeline format. It also compares Facebook advertising to Twitter advertising across a number of metrics.

The success of Twitter as a profitable, long-term business is strongly hinged on the success of the ad platform. We have seen how their rival Facebook has turned their ad platform into a hugely profitable (and to be fair, successful) digital marketing tool. The viability of Twitter advertising varies in terms of ROI for different companies, but tight tracking and attribution make it possible to get a categorical answer to this.

What success (or failures) have you had with Twitter advertising?

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