Ultimate Guide to Using AI for SEO in 2020

AI and content marketing

Covid-19 has changed life on and off-line. Now, more than ever, businesses are trying to keep up with new and unique demands that this pandemic has created. One of the main ways you can increase your traffic and ride this wave is via SEO. In this article, I will be giving you some of the best SEO tips and tricks you can use that are specific to 2020.

Let’s jump in.


Last year, you hopefully met BERT. BERT is the latest algorithm from Google that you need to know. This algorithm taps into one of the most critical elements of your community – their natural language and intent.

1 in 10 searches are affected by BERT

This will have a massive impact on your ranking as well as featured snippets. To rank, it is important to understand how these algorithms work – how something is crawled and indexed will help you optimize your site to keep up with BERT and other algorithms.

For SEO, this means creating useful content that feels natural and is high-quality. If you are still creating useless fluff, stop. Click HERE to outsource your content and get it BERT-friendly.

Speaking of Content…

Write FOR Your User

The old ways of selling and marketing were focused on talking to your customers. Similar to an (obnoxious) car salesman, the content was meant to be promotional and chock-full of reasons why every user HAD to have your product.

In 2020, the content and material we provide is written for our visitors not to sell but rather to answer their demand, reply to their questions, and understand who they are better. Some questions to consider as you write your content should be:

  • Who is my audience and what are they searching for?
  • What is my users intent?
  • Do they want information or a solution
  • Don’t forget to E-A-T – be an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy
  • Don’t be repetitive – your potential audience is not one-dimensional and your content shouldn’t be either

Utilising an SEO service can help you stay ahead of your competitors and meet these constantly changing demands.

Entity Metrics

It sounds like a new sci-fi character but its actually been in the works for the last five years. Google is invested in entities which means you should be as well. Any “thing” that can be distinguished, should be.

Take a look at the Google Knowledge Graph API and you will be able to see what and how Google sees entities. Typically you will see a layout like this:

  1. Name
  2. Type
  3. Corporation
  4. Thing
  5. Organization
  6. Description
  7. Detailed description
  8. URL
  9. Article Body

This could significantly change your campaign strategies as you begin to consider each of your products not as a grouping but as an individual entity being sold as a unique item. A product like Add Markup, becomes important here, as you can add detailed information about your products such as price, availability, and review ratings.

Enable rich product results and your customers can find exactly what they are looking for right away. This will encourage your user to look for more an make them more willing to purchase.

Take Away

Stay ahead of the times and competition by utilising the latest AI for 2020. Having SEO services that can keep up with the latest algorithms and understand customer intent will help your company stay afloat and thrive in these challenging markets.