Unique Marketing Ideas You Need to Try

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Marketing can be a difficult thing to make work in competitive markets. One of the great things about being in business today is that with the internet, it’s a lot easier to target the group of people your personal brand or company wants to reach out to and market to them personally.

With that in mind, the following 4 strategies could help you make an impression on this audience.

Animated Videos

While instructional videos of all kinds can be helpful as a way to round out your content-related marketing strategy, animation adds a sort of charm and may make it easier to display things that are less than tangible, or that could be hard to see.

Many animated video production companies can help you develop these videos from general concept through storyboard and completion of the project. Even if you’ve never been interested in animation or aren’t sure what it can do for you, it may at least be worth having this discussion.

Talk to Your Customers

Highlighting what customers have said and engaging with them directly may not be a new idea, but highlighting peer reviews about your products and even creating some yourself can be a great way to develop content for your brand.

What works well with your products? Can it be integrated with Brand X as well as Brand Y? Sure, this may seem a bit like you’re taking time out to praise another brand rather than market your own, but taking a step back to create just a little bit of content that shows your expertise while lifting up another brand or business can create positive buzz.

Further, with 92% of consumers trusting peer recommendations over advertising, this type of marketing may lend itself to boosting your brand and known-level of expertise as a by-product.

Support a Contest that Aligns with Your Brand Values

Plenty of businesses use contents in marketing as a way to get likes and share with very little substance behind them. If you’re a company that sells outdoor gear but set up a contest that requires participants to like your social media page for a chance to win an iPad, the “followers” and interaction you get may not add up to be all that meaningful.

However, if you create a contest that asks people to do something small, like share their favorite spot to go camping, or their must-have piece of gear on a specific post or page and then have the prize be a pack of top-rated equipment, then you know that the people you’re attracting are interested in what your brand offers. Sure, there may be fewer interactions, but all of them will be of a higher value.

Offer “Behind the Scenes” Content

With social media, live streams have become one of the easiest ways to make a strong impression and get new customers or followers. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or all of the above, live video streams are still new enough and unique enough for these platforms to promote them a bit for you.

Not only that, but 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. Further, they said they would watch more of these videos if they featured “behind the scenes” content, in a survey from Vimeo and New York Magazine.

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