Use Twitter to Boost Your SEO Campaign

Founded in 2006, Twitter was one of the most popular platforms for microblogging. With only 140 characters users had to share with the public their thoughts and feelings, promote events, and basically sum up in one short message anything that was important.  But Twitter has come a long way since 2006. Just like any social network, it evolved and today it’s one of the most prominent digital marketing tools. Every business or organization has an account and they use it vigorously as an addition to their online marketing strategy, just like Facebook or Instagram, to promote their products, services, and causes.

This means that Twitter is an integral part of the SEO campaigns to present brands and business identities to the public eye. Used rightly, this social network can help you build your online presence and reputation, and combined with SEO, you would be able to empower your brand with a powerful digital marketing feature.

Pick an appropriate name

The name is a very important element of your online presence. It will help you create your brand and gain followers, but in order to do that, you must choose something that will be easily remembered. It must be catchy. Your name will represent your brand and people will connect it to your products or services. Additionally, choosing a name which will be a keyword at the same time will help your SEO and rankings. Consider choosing an appropriate name as the first step in using your Twitter profile to boost your media campaign.

After all, your audience will always use your name when reposting or recommending your profile, so it will become your online identity.

Be informative in your profile

It’s a common practice for people to check the description of a Twitter user. However, there isn’t much space to write in detail about everything and you have to fit it all in 140 characters. This shouldn’t alarm you since this is more than enough to portray the vital details about yourself. Using hashtags and URLs is helpful, and you can even integrate them in your tweets when writing to your followers. When you think about the best way to present yourself, think about the most informative way to do so without wasting characters on trivia.

Insert links

Don’t be ashamed to insert your URL whenever you can and whenever it’s appropriate. Also, if there are any other URLs which you find significant and can help you with promotion, include them in your post as well. But don’t forget to be moderate with URLs since people don’t like to be spammed and you can easily chase some of your audience away. Even though you promote your brand, try to make it more interesting with URLs of all the causes and charities you support and of people and organizations which are similar to your sensibilities and whose work you admire.

Promote the right keywords

There is no better way to reach a large audience than with white hat SEO practices and strategies. The most important thing for your online marketing is choosing the right keywords. If you use them in your tweets you can easily be ahead of competitions since they will give relevance to your posts. But it’s crucial that you include them in your tweets so they appeal to the audience and do not leave any negative effects. Carefully prepared posts can have a noteworthy impact on the followers if the content is well-thought out and meaningful.

Always use hashtags

You’ve probably noticed people using hashtags on social media in abundance. This practice actually started on Twitter, even though the origins of hashtags date back to 1978. Incorporating them in your posts is like using metadata. If you pair them with the right keywords, you’ll get more desirable SEO effects. Use them in every tweet and as much as possible so you can be as high as possible in the search result list. However, keep in mind that they have to be meaningful and connected to what you’re posting, and also that you have to fit them in a 140-characters long message.

Be active

Social media profiles are not something you can open, visit a couple of times, post something and then leave it alone. It requires dedication and maintenance on a daily basis, even if you use all the keywords in the right way. You have to be an active user in order to stay on top and gain your online identity and reputation. Of course, if you post too much in one day or in a short period of time, you will become annoying and a nuisance and people will start unfollowing you, no matter how interesting your tweets are.

In the end

Twitter is a powerful tool if you just get the sense of how to use it properly and to your advantage. Like any social media, it will take time and patience to communicate with all your followers and create a community gathered around your brand. But all the efforts are well worth it and soon enough you will see the benefits of boosting your SEO campaign with Twitter posts.