Using Facebook Contests to Build Brand Awareness, Engagement and More

Social media, although relatively new in the grand scheme of things, has become one of the most powerful tools in which we use in our everyday lives, both personally and professionally. You can make contact with anyone anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Some choose the platform to connect with old friends and family, others to post adorable cat videos, but this resource is an effective tool to use to easily and freely create and promote your business’ personal brand.

Sure, you can place custom advertisements on your homepage and make them go viral. It will definitely catch the eye of members of your target audience, however the key word in social media is social. People want to interact with one another and feel like they are a part of something. By creating a contest for people to participate in, it creates a welcome feeling and will get people to frequently return to your page, not just take a passing glance.


AvaCare Medical had success with their client base when on their Facebook page they featured a contest in which all their visitors had to do was like their page to be entered into a raffle to win a $500 Visa gift card. From this contest alone they received 1,500 comments and 1,178 shares. If you’re not familiar with how Facebook operates. When you share or comment on a post, your friends and your friends’ friends, and so on, receive notifications about your activity. This simple contest, free to set up, and ultimately only costing AvaCare Medical $500 when all was said and done, got their name out to the masses at lightning speed. I stumbled across some helpful ideas on how to get the most engagement out of your contestants from Adspresso that can take your contest to the next level.


Create a call to action from your followers. Ask them to generate original content (photos, artwork, written content, etc.). By having them feel involved and giving them the chance to have their creations be put on display will give them a sense of drive and pride and will not only have them connect with you but remember your name, even if they don’t win.


A simple hashtag (#) added to a slogan you would like associated with your contest can greatly help in achieving maximum views of your page. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, if you add a hashtag, your name will get out to potential consumers in no time at all.


A really clever and simple idea, that won’t take much time, if you’re working on a tight timeline, is to use a ‘search-and-find’ game. You just place an image on your homepage (maybe your company logo or an advertisement you have used) and ask the viewer to find a hidden object within. The incentive to complete such a simple task for a reward will drive them your visitor to stay on your page for more than just a few seconds.