Using Facebook TabSite to Build Custom Pages

Over the years, Facebook has evolved and changed how custom pages can be deployed, however TabSite has been a constant. TabSite is a Facebook application that allows users to build completely custom pages, landing pages, sweepstakes, image and video galleries, microsites and many other useful marketing tools. Below are four reasons to consider TabSite as your custom Facebook page creator of choice.


Whether you’re a hardcore coder or a rookie social media marketer, TabSite offers you options. They have a large list of ready-built and customizable templates for quick, easy deployment. The TabSite Drag N Build system allows users to choose from 19 widgets and deploy campaign-required capability on a custom Facebook page within seconds.

Some of the widgets include sweepstakes, videos, and Google maps. Coders can also dive right into the HTML module to code out their own custom pages.


Deploying a custom Facebook TabSite won’t break the bank, either. Pricing ranges from free to $150 per year. The white label solution starts at $249 per month. To build the capabilities offered from scratch would probably require hundreds of development hours. By using TabSite, companies can avoid that level of development commitment and reduce overhead costs.


TabSite allows users to integrate Google Analytics. This is powerful because marketers can do conversion tracking and analysis within Facebook. This is in stark contrast to the analytics provided by Facebook. Google’s visitor flow and conversion analysis tools can help marketers tweak their campaigns and maximize conversion rates.

TabSite also integrates with a new service called PlanYourPost. This service allows users to schedule content updates on Facebook and Twitter. It offers the convenience of post scheduling coupled with unique analytics.

PlanYourPost offers a unique metric they call the PD factor, or Post Density Factor. It takes into account all forms of user engagement responses for every post. This metric allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content across Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Customer Service

TabSite provide a host of ways to get your questions about custom pages answered. You can reach them via their website and blog. They also have channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, the online FAQ, Help Desk, and blog have problem-solving threads. All correspondence is answered within two hours of sending a question.

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