Value Upfront. Every time. As Long As It Takes!

This chapter is so important that part of me wants to include a link to this as a footnote on every page.

Remember when we talked about treating our faceless mass of customers like actual human beings? Well, sadly sometimes we don’t treat each other too well. We take each other for granted, get selfish, and ask for more than we give. When it is so hard with family and friends, imagine the difficulty in getting this balance right with what is actually a faceless audience.

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My advice is to play it safe. Even the most carefully nurtured prospects can turn against you if you hover too close, waving a red flag, and FRANTICALLY trying to move them from one goal to the next because you have a promotion to make.

You have to PACE your content goals – Just because she wants to talk DOES NOT mean she wants you to take her to the dance and just because she wants to be your prom date, you do not get to assume the rest… You get where I am going with this, right?

I once read about an alopecia patient turned fitness guru and a heartwarming story of how he wanted to change people’s lives. His story struck a chord and not only did I start watching his videos but also subscribed to his email updates.

I don’t know when I started noticing this but every email was full of words that promised me health, happiness, and eternal youth, but ultimately led me to a mysterious link that always asked me to PAY FIRST or sometimes JOIN or DOWNLOAD.

Over time the content got shorter and shorter to the point where even to read the content I had to click SOMETHING first.  I also noticed that he offered advice (for a price, of course) on how to be as successful as him as a marketer.  ENTIRELY giving up any pretense towards any kind of relationship anymore.

I realized I must have been moved to the “No hope for ROI” subsection of his email list and was therefore not worthy of any more stories or valuable content upfront.

I get it. And yet I don’t like him anymore.

Don’t be that person. It’s just not COOL.

Listen, track, and modify — just because someone isn’t qualified to buy doesn’t mean they won’t be someday. An audience should be nurtured as an asset unto itself.

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Some things are as true the first time as they are the 100th. Content is about emotion. It is about creating a connection. Even the most researched, well thought campaigns can fall flat on their faces. It is critical to set in place trackers and have your ear to the ground to ensure that your content is engaging with the audience as desired.

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