About the B2B Marketing Forum   Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis   Dates: November 13-16, 2018   When it comes to business to business marketing events, MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum sets a gold standard. In…
Early Adopter Registration Now Open For MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum
Every respectable brand or business that promotes its products and services online takes advantage of today’s popular social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest – they are all extremely popular, and people use…
7 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media Channels
Within a few years, influencer marketing has gone from being the minor expense in a brand’s online marketing budget to a personal digital marketing category. In the upcoming year, the marketing space for influencers will…
Influencer Marketing is About to Evolve the Market for Business Organization
A Photo Sharing Empire With over 800 million active users, Instagram continues to thrive as the world’s top photo-based social network. Like a major artery, Instagram has served as a carrier of new ideas and…
How Instagram’s New Features Will Impact Content Marketing Strategies
Any good writer in the entertainment industry could tell you the importance of making an emotional connection with your audience. It’s the key to telling a story that allows consumers to invest and properly enjoy the…
How To Marry Content Marketing With Physical Branding
How can blogging save a business? It’s a question I get a lot — not because of the field I’m in (though, admittedly, that does play a role) but because it kept my swimming pool…
How to Create Blog Content That Matters Most to Consumers
Agency professionals and media buyers know the benefits of mastering a channel for their client’s campaigns. There are troves of agencies that specialize in paid search marketing and paid social media marketing—because it makes sense…
Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut-Media Buyers, Shake Up Your Media Mix
Record high movie theater ticket prices haven’t deterred die-hard movie buffs from heading to the theatre to see new releases (the latest Star Wars film has made 745.4 million USD at the box office so…
MoviePass Surpasses 1 Million Subscribers; Signs Marketing Deal
While SEO is a surefire way to boost your business’s visibility online and attract qualified prospects, not all SEO techniques are alike. If you’re not careful, you can unknowingly damage your site. Worse, Google might…
5 Obsolete SEO Tactics That Do You More Harm Than Good
Hashtags are the elixir of social media. Research has shown that Instagram and Twitter posts that implement hashtags have engagement levels that are 12.6% higher than posts without hashtags. That’s a huge number. Businesses follow…
Top 10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Effective Social Media Marketing
As paid content placement continues its emergence into mainstream media buys, there are still plenty of skeptics around the conference table. Even when you provide folders full of case studies and testimonials to support your…
Overcoming Objections to Paid Content Campaigns
Marketing is concerned with connecting with your target market at the right place and at the right time. We are living in a digital world and the best strategy for a business is to make…
5 Digital Marketing Benefits That Every Business Should Know in 2018 and Beyond
 A New Way to Showcase Products On December 13th, unassuming shoppers visiting a new Ikea store in Dallas, Texas were treated to a one of a kind immersive installation. Designed specifically for the new Dallas…
‘Pillow Toss’ and Pandas: Ikea Dives Into Virtual Reality
When companies go through more complicated times and sales fall, managers have to make some decisions and these are almost always associated with financial cuts. These cuts are usually linked to the reduction of positions…
Digital Marketing – Investment or Spending?
When I launched ContentMender earlier this year, I simply wanted to provide a solution to a nagging problem I’ve witnessed over the years across various digital marketing agencies — the separation between content marketing and…
SEO-Driven Content Marketing: Systematic Approach for Long-Term Clients
In the past, Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems only looked at the desktop version of a site’s content. Websites with vastly different mobile appearances and functionalities weren’t being evaluated correctly by Google’s systems so…
Google Starts Mobile-First Indexing
The rights of international students
Ella Baron
Eleven sketches inspired by the university mental health crisis – in pictures
Eleven sketches
oving away from home can be scary, but for me it meant more than just learning to wash and cook for myself. When I left for university last summer, it was the first time I’d…
The scariest thing about leaving home
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