Want To Increase Conversions And See More Positive Results?

Well, in marketing that’s pretty much the name of the game. And as you well know, getting customers/potential customers to fill out a form and give their personal information to you is one of the hardest things to do. Let’s face it, you probably hate to do it, so why wouldn’t the people you’re trying to convert feel the same way? The answer is that they do.


Well, basically two reasons: 1) Filling out a form is a drag. It takes time when people have better things to do, and 2) Every day, news stories come out about companies being hacked, and their customers information being stolen. That makes people hesitant! So what can you do to change that?

Take the shortest, most direct route to get them to the form

Let’s say you’re using email to entice them to visit your website. You’re offering some special deal that they simply can’t pass up. So, whoever is writing that email has to make it ultra convincing. But having them click through to your website is only half the battle. Once there, you’ve got to drive them to the form. How do you do this? You make the form the focal point of your landing page. Right there, right in front of them, as soon as they hit your home page. You do not want to force them click to another page to find the form. You make it easy for them. The easier you make it, the better the chance they’ll fill out the form.

Coordinate all your marketing to have a similar look and style

In other words, be consistent. Whether you’re using email, ads, whatever. By being consistent in graphics, copy, thrust, and overall style, you’re reinforcing the message you want to get across. Use the same type headlines throughout, make the copy similar, ditto layout, color, and overall look. Make your logo prominent. And if you’re using social media or online ads to drive browsers to your site, make sure you make it easy for them to click through. How about a big red button that says “click here”! May not be the most original marketing tool, but it sure works.

Make it simple, make it easy

This comes under the “less is more” category. Remember you’re trying to drive customers/potential customers to fill out the form. So, your message on email or your landing page should be concise, powerful, and direct. Oh, and catchy as well. Studies show that you have about 2 seconds to grab a browser’s attention. If you headline is dull, and your copy is heavy, it’s adios browser! He/she will be off to another part of cyberspace.

And about the form itself

Keep it short, short, short! The easier it is to fill out, the better your chances of getting the information. Although it’s always great to get as much information as you can, making the form too long will deter people from filling it out. Just ask for the information you need. If you get them as customers, they’ll be plenty of time down the road to follow up with requests for additional details.

Don’t forget to thank them!

People like to be recognized, and at the end of the form you should thank them for their participation. Make the “thank you” stand out from the body of the text by highlighting it. You can use color, italics, bold print, whatever, but get that message across. Personalize it by using “we” as much as possible. As in, “We sincerely want to thank you,” or “All of us here appreciate your time,” etc. You’ll get much further with personalization as opposed to corporate-speak.