What Are The Online Marketing Trends That Therapists Should Pay Attention To in 2020?

Content marketing is vital for improving the prospects of your therapy services business as it is a cost-effective of reaching information about your services to a highly targeted and relevant audience.

Content marketing also makes it possible to enhance your brand value and provide minute details about your services that potential clients might otherwise not know. Even if you are operating independently, you can use content marketing to get closer to your business goals.

Content marketing is an evolving field and hence in a state of constant change and churn like every other emerging technology. That’s why you have to:

  • Remain connected with the developments in this field to recognize the current marketing trends.
  • Know how the same can be applied to your therapy services to maximize customer reach and boost revenues.
  • Use the services of a reputed and proven content marketing agency to make a solid start to your marketing campaign.

Here are a few online marketing trends that therapists must keep an eye on in 2020 to stay ahead of the curve in this niche which is becoming extremely competitive of late.

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Authenticity Through User-Generated Content

There are many studies conducted on this aspect of content marketing and most of them overwhelmingly reveal the inclination of consumers to trust user-generated content over brand-generated ones. Conventional advertising does not ring a bell with the current generation as they have information on their fingertips, literally. Modern consumers value authenticity and transparency the most in a brand. Flaunt it for your therapy services through user-generated content and you will find yourself positioned at the top of the heap.

Customized Email Marketing

For therapists and healers, personalization is a vital element of their business as no two clients will walk in with the same problem. You will be constantly tweaking and tuning your offerings to match the needs of your clients. While marketing your services using email, customized content can help you resonate with a larger audience. This can be done by maintaining a robust email list and personalizing the content to match the audience segment.

Voice-Driven Search

We discussed the evolution of technology earlier in the blog. Voice-driven search is an excellent example of how far technology has moved in a short span. Voice-driven search has proven to be a game-changer for boosting website traffic and driving SEO. How can it benefit therapists? Your SEO strategy can be powered on the keywords that potential patients are most likely to use while doing a voice search for free therapy or premium therapy. If your SEO is being handled by an expert, they will create a voice-driven search plan to support your content creation strategy.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a 2020 thing but experts opine that this will be one of the top content marketing trends for many years to come. Therapists looking to establish their online presence must include influencer marketing as a key element of their content marketing strategy for 2020. While therapists have limited scope as they are less likely to ask clients to promote their services, marketing experts say that influencer marketing can be used in a subtle manner to gain the trust of potential patients. A word of caution – choose your influencers carefully and after detailed deliberation.

Social Media

Of course, no content marketing strategy can be complete without the smart use of social media. Having a strong and active presence on the leading SM channels and leveraging its power to boost your reach is a simple and affordable way of marketing your therapy service. With social media penetration growing by a healthy percentage every year, you must find a way to enhance your presence, capture audience attention, and engage with them.

Having said that, it is important to note that not all social sites may work for your business. Some social sites have engagement limitations and place restrictions on the mode of sharing content with users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the SM channels where you must mandatorily have a presence.

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