What Type of Funnel Should I Build?

Are you thinking about introducing your business to a sales funnel? Great idea! You will end up with amazing results, satisfied customers and growth in sales, revenue and other significant measures for your company’s development.

Sales funnel is a path for finding your ideal customer. And this path doesn’t go the same way for everyone. Different businesses have different services, needs an audience. Everything needs its’ own approach. ClickFunnels offer tests, guides and final answers on what kind of funnels you should build for your company. And it’s pretty easy to use their guidance to deliver the final result.

There are more than 20 sales funnels in the marketing world. It’s tough to find the right one for yours, but let’s keep going. Here’s top 6 sales funnels for your business. If you want to hear more about building funnels, visit FiveFunnel and educate yourself for a better future.

A traditional sales letter

A sales letter is not just a traditional method, but it’s tested through time, and it works great. It’s obvious that this funnel uses a long sales letter to promote the products and services upfront. The name comes from Russell Brunson’s sales letter “Star, Story, Solution.”

The survey funnel

It allows your visitors to find the right solution for what’s on their minds. It saves time and resources for both parties and underlines your professionalism. The survey funnel requires from visitors to answer several questions and give them their desired results. After that, you can easily figure out the ideal buyer and offer them exceptional proposals based on who they are.

A Squeeze Page Funnel

It’s a bit tricky and works on the visitor’s curiosity. The goal is to get your website’s visitor to sign up or subscribe to your newsletters and give you their email address. Such pages don’t have distractions, logos, extra colors and links. They need an attention-grabbing headline and a place to put the email address.

The live demo funnel

Live demo is another way of saying you are using an explainer video. Live demo is great because you have the opportunity to show your customers you care about their understanding of your products and services. And your customers have the opportunity to look at you demonstrating your product and its’ usage.

A traditional membership funnel

Another traditional and established method. It includes creating a website and selling access to its’ content. Your goal is to sell people your website membership, newsletters, webinars, and other content that might be interesting for them. The results can be achieved by the sign-up option for a free trial on the first page.

The invisible funnel

This funnel includes giving away free product or services and only charging the client if they liked it. It’s a less popular method, but it surely has results and its’ benefits. You can use it on the webinar, online course, and newsletters.

There’s more where this came from, but for now, there six popular online sales funnels will do. Have you already decided which ones are you going to use? Maybe you need some more digging? Fivefunnel is ready to help you educate yourself.