What’s a Little Analytics Among Friends?

What's a Little Analytics Among Friends?

Hello again. Search Box here. I’m here to talk to you about analytics.

In my previous post I told you a little about how I find your site. Now I’d like to look more closely at one of the ways you can help: analytics.

Common wisdom dictates that for truly effective site maintenance, you should be spending at least one hour a day on site analytics. Where are your visitors? Where are they coming from? How long do they stay?

What Can Analytics Tell You?

One of the most important pieces of information analytics can tell you is what words people are searching for, and how those search terms led them to your site.

Analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Omniture and Webtrends (just to name a few) include a list of search terms. These terms are words and phrases people typed into me to find whatever they were looking for.

Your analytics package will tell you what words were used in searches that resulted in people visiting your site. This list may be very long, depending on the size of your site, and may include many slight variations on the same phrases.

How to Utilize Analytics

The most effective way to use this information is to look at the top 10 searches. Regardless of what you think your company or brand is all about, these 10 search terms are what other people–namely your customers and potential customers–think you’re about.

In order to help me direct people to you who are looking for your services, you should make sure these 10 search terms (keywords) appear often throughout the content of your site. That way I know to send people your way when they use me to search for those words.

So now you know the top 10 search terms, and you’ve peppered your website liberally with them. Done, right?


Remember how I recommended spending an hour a day on analytics? Well, these search terms change over time. Your products may be seasonal, so the words they use to search for you right before the holidays may be very different than those used during the summer.

You may have just started running a new set of print or TV ads, or your products may be related to a current story in the news, so different products you sell are more topical than others.

It’s vitally important you keep revisiting your top search terms on a regular basis. Not only will it help you make your web content the best it can be for search, but you stand to learn a little something about what people expect from you. Both will help you grow your business.

And all because you threw your friendly Search Box a bone and spent a little time looking at your analytics.

Happy searching. I’ll be right at the top of the page waiting for you.