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Why Every Company Needs Media Monitoring

Odds are that your company already has a team of people focusing on delivering effective, up to date marketing campaigns, to your client base and potential future clients. However, just how much do you actually know about the effects that your marketing has on these groups? When it comes down to it, what kinds of metrics can you use to measure the presence that your company, and your marketing campaigns, have in a competitive industry? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, you may want to investigate the world of media monitoring. It’s a multi-pronged strategy that aims to address a diverse range of needs that are applicable to every business. And it’s more accessible than ever before. The right media monitoring approach can:

  • Keep you a step ahead of your competitors
  • Give you a detailed understanding of your clients
  • Keep you informed on what is likely to happen in the future

Media Monitoring Is a Full Time Job

Not making use of the media landscape is like wearing a blindfold. And it’s surprising just how many business owners feel that this is the normal approach. Many people don’t appreciate that the many media channels, and huge web of information they entail, are not simply something that lives in a world of its own. This information, and networks, can become intrinsically linked to your business and customer base if you make the effort. The average business owner or marketing director probably puts in a limited amount of effort to ensuring that they stay in touch with their industry and client base. But given the huge amount of relevant information and connections out there, there’s no way that you’re going to be able to do the best job you can by simply browsing the available information. With an effective media monitoring strategy, you can ensure that all your marketing and promotional content is as up to date as possible, and making as much use of the current environment and events around you. Customers are a hundred times more likely to trust a campaign when they can see that it’s evidently backed up by a diverse range of trusted sources, rooted in the world around them.

No Business Can Function as an Island

And media monitoring isn’t simply a way for you to reinforce your own products and services, and posit yourself as a business that is integrated into the wider world and industry. It’s also a crucial way of measuring the responses of a customer base you and your competitors share. No end of disastrous decisions could have been avoided if significant research had been put into customer responses to previous campaigns. The recently released Juicero found itself the target of no end of mockery, online and in print. The product aimed to capitalise on the trend for healthy living, coupled with convenience, by providing customers with pods of juice that could be crushed as needed. A brief amount of media monitoring and research would have revealed that Nespresso has been coming under increasing pressure recently for their very own podded products, which, while convenient, creates a huge amount of unnecessary waste. Juicero are now facing their last days, thanks in no small part to a lack of awareness of the general mood towards unnecessary waste. An effective media monitoring allows you to keep an eye on a diverse range of different media channels and markets, ensuring that your business is always in tune with the mood of the day.

Media Monitoring Provides Effective Feedback

Media monitoring also allows you to measure the responses to your marketing and service, not just in terms of customers, but also in terms of the wider world. For instance, if you keep your eye on the present, you can pick up on the general mood of industry and media pundits, and keep a handle on what the current wisdom is regarding matters which are key to your company. Not only do you have the ability to respond to the feelings of your own customers. You are also able to stay informed about where you stand with regards to prevailing theories and criticism. This awareness is key in a world where marketing needs to be diverse, flexible and adaptable. Constant media monitoring lets you change according to events in real time, adapting your content and marketing on the fly, and always staying a step ahead of both popular opinion and your competitors.

The value of media monitoring speaks for itself. In a world where more and more information is being exchanged, at breakneck speed, it’s a full time job staying on top of all the latest developments. However, once you’ve got a strategy implemented, you’ll start reaping the dividends. It’s time you looked into the untold benefits media monitoring could have in store for your company.

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