Why Marketers Should Focus More on Mobile Wallets and Passes In The Changing Digital Marketing Landscape

mobile wallets

A key media channel that is not getting as much attention as it probably deserves is the mobile wallet. If you are looking to gain the attention of your consumers and mobile wallet is not on your radar as yet, you are not doing something right.

It is estimated that there will be significantly more consumers making a payment that’s completed on a mobile device at the point of sale by the end of this year. In fact, there is a clear shift of users to mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay for making payment for their purchases.

Marketers can tap into consumers who make use of mobile wallets through mobile passes. These passes provide a number of services that go beyond mere payments. Marketers can use the platform to send out personalized messages, gift cards, discount coupons, loyalty programs, and notifications.

Experts opine that what appears as a simple and static plastic or paper asset can be converted into a high value asset on the phone. Mobile wallet passes are similar to apps offering comparable functionality, but with a lower barrier to adoption. Their retention rates are also higher – another key advantage of the passes.

Another major advantage of using mobile passes is that location sharing happens by default. Marketers can make use of this feature to deliver location-specific messages through mobile passes. This can help drive in-store conversions.

The best part is that the installation and distribution of mobile passes are very easy and simple. And unlike most apps, they do not capture valuable screen space nor do they control resources.

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