Why Small Businesses Must Have an Employee Management App in 2020

Talking about employee management is easier said than done, right? Whereas executing proper employee management is another thing. But it’s also no secret that managing employees is the most challenging aspect of a manager’s daily responsibilities.

What makes up the foundation of employee management?

  • Selection – choose the right candidate(s) during the hiring process.
  • Measurement – determine if your employee is meeting goals and exceeds performance.
  • Monitoring – monitor the measurement.
  • Interplay – communicate, seek feedback and interact with your employees; however, also allow for an open-door for them to do the same with you.
  • Reward – reward your employees when they’re exceptional.
  • Discipline – discipline your employees when exhibiting poor performance as it could lead to termination.

Knowing what makes up the foundation of employee management is just the first step. Delivering is the next. How can you make sure all your employees are doing their best work every single day? By using an employee management tool.

Using employee management software allows you and your employees to get the job done from anywhere and at any time. Employee management plays a crucial role in an employee’s lifecycle, and it all starts during the hiring process. Managers have to focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships with their employees, relying on an employee management app gets you where your employees are and allow you to take your relationship to the next level. Effective project management is equally important to make sure deadlines and targets are being met. Check this list here of project management tools and techniques that can help you organize internal projects.

Why Small Businesses Must Have an Employee Management App in 2020

Foster open communication

1,000 employees were surveyed and it was revealed that 81% of employees would join a company that values “open communication” over the usual benefits and perks. The survey also found that a mere 15% of employees were satisfied with how their company communicates with them.

However, note that communication doesn’t just mean talk either. Create a system where your employees can be heard so you can genuinely hear their ideas, thoughts and complaints. Such as:

Visibility: Be present. Employees should see you around the office so create an open door policy where employees can easily approach you when they need to talk. Set status on your management app where employees know they can send you a chat as well.

Transparency: Share all company updates, information and announcements with your employees. They shouldn’t learn about company news through the grapevine! Keep them in the loop so they feel appreciated.

Open feedback: Be open to criticism! Create a system so employees can share their opinions and be sure to act on their feedback when they identify potential problems or bright ideas.

Creating an environment that values communication leads to a boost in morale and productivity, plus helps lower the turnover rate.

Create a better on-boarding process

When a new hire arrives at the office or job site for their first day, set the tone with a smooth and efficient onboarding process. This helps keep things easy for the new employee and the manager responsible for training him or her. A management app helps you through the process by making sure you cover all the steps in welcoming them aboard.

Send a company-wide update with a picture and some fun facts about the new employee and let others chime in to welcome them. Maybe the new hire shares a hobby with someone else, this person can act as their buddy to help them along.

Additionally, make all training material available on the app so the new hire can learn everything at their own pace and can refer back to materials at any time. From the employee handbook to policies to safety procedures and so on. Monitor an employee’s progress right from the app and send a notification if they missed a certain chapter.

Help employees develop

Monster found that 72% of employees feel as though their manager doesn’t care about their career growth. So make sure you create a plan that allows your employees to grow into new roles – this boosts engagement and helps them contribute more to the company as their skill set grows. Try the following:

  • Offer in-house training, like through one-on-one or online programs.
  • Send employees to seminars and conferences.
  • Employees should be allowed to adapt based on their strengths and interests.
  • Send training material via the management app or create a course on the app that hones their skills and development.

By keeping employees engaged and motivated about their career path, you help drive productivity and lower the turnover rate.

Improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is when your employees are committed to their work and the goals of the company. Basically, they come to work every day because they are involved and aren’t merely motivated by their salary. Good employee engagement leads to increased productivity, better customer satisfaction, retention of your best employees, enhances the company culture and creates success company-wide.

Establish engagement from the first day and use the app to make this happen. Send surveys on a regular basis to gain feedback on how your employees are feeling, what are their concerns, and where do their satisfaction levels stand. If the app has a suggestion box, make sure it’s available all the time so employees can share their ideas and opinions whenever the lightbulb moment strikes.

Share company-wide updates on the employee of the month, positive customer feedback, goals smashed and excelled, promotions and so on. However, be sure to create a personal touch as well by sharing birthday and anniversary wishes, congratulations on a new house or the arrival of a new baby, welcoming home a new pet and so on.

Make the right call

Choose the right employee management app for your business and your employees, and you can easily scale your company. The benefits of using such an app have been thoroughly explained above, but we’ve only just scratched the surface. A management app can do so much more, so find the best solution and act today.

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