Why WordPress Is the Best Content Management System for Your Business

Believe it or not, WordPress literarily controls over one-third of the entire internet and there is no experienced web development company that has never made use of WordPress web development template or any of WordPress development resources. In fact over 75 million companies have made use of one or more WordPress development resources. More and more web development companies jump on the WordPress development bandwagon every day.

There are several reasons WordPress is the best content management, app development, and website development platform. At the moment, it is second to none.

Some of the reasons have been outlined right below.

Cost effectiveness

Building a website with WordPress is completely free. You don’t need to pay any license fee to access any of its plugins, themes, and other web building resources. In addition, the maintenance and upkeep of WordPress websites do not require any special IT knowledge or the services of any web designer. Any of your employees can handle it. In other words, WordPress saves you a lot of website building and web maintenance costs.

You can update your site on the go

With WordPress, you don’t have to get to the office before you modify or update your site. It can be done on the go from anywhere. For instance, if you suddenly run out of a particular product on Saturday evening, a lot of people may order the product before Monday morning and telling your customers that a particular product is out-of-stock after the have ordered it reduces your credibility. So, immediately you are notified that a particular product is out of stock, you can remove it from your website or tag it as temporarily out of stock immediately. You won’t need to wait till Monday to do that. That is because WordPress allows you to update your site from anywhere.

Easy Google indexing

WordPress codes are easy for Google spiders to index, so this earns them higher Google ranking. This means your WordPress website is already optimized for search engines to a large extent. However, you can still put in more effort. Any little SEO effort will yield extraordinary returns.

Highly responsive

WordPress is a complete package. It offers web building resources and it also provides high redundancy servers to power the websites. WordPress sites are very responsive. They load faster and they usually don’t encounter downtimes. Most importantly, they can manage sudden upsurge in traffic easily. A sudden upsurge in traffic has crashed several websites but WordPress websites are fortified against such instances.

You can easily upgrade your website

Businesses grow and business owners diversify, so there will always be a reason to add some new features and functionalities to your website. You will get the new features and functionalities among WordPress plugins and you can include them easily.

For instance, if your website was initially free for everybody and you decide to make it a membership site where people will register and login to gain access, it is easier done on WordPress websites – whether you make use of WordPress plugins or you make use of your own codes.

Improved turnaround time

Since WordPress has a lot of templates, plugins, and themes that you can use for your websites, you don’t have to start from scratch. Apart from the fact that it will save you a lot of effort, it will also save you a lot time. Needless to say that impressive turnaround time will earn you more contracts. Here is the best part. You will still charge your clients like you are building their website from scratch.

Tremendous support from WordPress communities

There is virtually nothing you want to do that someone has not done before. So when you run into any problem, WordPress communities will be there to proffer solutions and even give you a walkthrough on any issue, if the need arises. This implies that you should join at least one WordPress community in case you need assistance.

Better and faster content management

You can easily update the content of your websites easily from any location. You don’t need to go through many rigorous and complicated steps to do that. In fact, any employee can do that as long as your website is built on WordPress.

People generally prefer fresh content. So, it is better to update your web content regularly, which can be done easily when your website is built on WordPress.

It is highly secure

The owners of websites must worry about their security but if your website is powered by WordPress, you don’t need to bother about security. WordPress upgrades and updates its security features regularly and that is why over 75 million websites depend on it. If you find out the caliber of websites powered by WordPress, you will understand how secure it is.

The upgrade will not interrupt your business; neither will your site be temporarily down. It is done seamlessly and you won’t even know when it would happen.

Easy social media integration

With WordPress, you don’t have to operate your Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn account one after the other. You just need to integrate your site with your social media accounts. A major advantage here is that you would be able to upload the same content on all of them at the same time. WordPress websites also works well with chat bots that can respond to enquiries on your social media accounts.

Easy transition from one designer to another

Transitioning from one designer to another may be difficult if both of them do not use the same platform. It means you will have to look for a designer who uses the same platform with your designer or have your website built from scratch. This is not the case with WordPress websites. Any designer using any platform can work on WordPress websites and if your website was built on another platform a WordPress website builder can work on it. This is because WordPress operates a universal, open source platform. So, transitioning to WordPress is equally as easy as transitioning away from it.

It is browser based

Even if your computer or device packs up, you can use any other computer to update your website if it is powered by WordPress. This is because WordPress websites are browser based. This is virtually impossible with other traditional websites.

Multiple users

The administrator of a WordPress site can set up multiple user accesses on a single website. And each user can have different levels of access depending on the hierarchy.

In conclusion, while WordPress already has plugins for virtually all functions and features, more plugins are still being developed every day.


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