Why You Aren’t Getting Followed Back on Twitter

Confession time. I am a Twitter snob. In fact, some may even call me a diva.

I only add people of value to my network, and I’ve developed a simple process for “following back.” In simple terms, whenever someone follows me on Twitter, I do a quick scan to determine if I should follow them back.

Below is a three-part checklist for scanning Twitter profiles. Given the world’s obsession with follower count, this is critical to your social success on Twitter.

  1. Photo Check
    • Are you a real person?
      • If you are an egg, you will not get a follow back.
      • A logo, I will be skeptical.
      • If you are a stock photo, you will not get a follow back.
  2. Bio Check
    • How do you choose to identify yourself? What’s important to you?
      • I’m interested in a few of your interests (some business related, some personal).
      • Let’s say your location isn’t filled out, I will not follow back.
      • If your bio is hashtag-stuffed, you will not get a follow back.
      • If the link on your bio appears sketchy (especially if it has a tracking aspect to it) I will not follow you back.
  3. Timeline Check
    • What kind of information are you sharing?
      • If your timeline is completely RTs, I will not follow back.
      • If I don’t see any interaction at all, I will not follow you back.
      • Twitter Tip: when you start a Tweet with @username, only people following both of you will see the Tweet. Do not be afraid to engage!
      • If you post nothing but links, you will not get a follow back. Even worse if it’s the same link over and over.
      • If you haven’t Tweeted yet or rarely Tweet, you will not get a follow back.

A Few Other Twitter Pet Peeves


This is a cheap ploy and an annoyance to social media divas like me. If you only care about a high follower count, this is a great way to show your cards. But keep in mind that if you use this hashtag to grow your network, your timeline is going to be filled with Tweets that only talk about following back. Is that relevant to your personal or professional brand? I don’t think so.

  • If I see #TeamFollowBack mentioned in your bio, you will not get a followback.
  • If I look at your timeline and most of your Tweets beg for followers and use the #TeamFollowBack hashtag, I will not follow you.

Auto DMing

Sending me a ‘Thank you for following, let’s connect on Facebook as well’ private message after I follow you is the fastest way to a bad impression. Why? It’s completely, totally superficial. Do you want me to know that all you care about is getting people to follow you on various social platforms? Gross.

  • Sending me an auto DM of any kind will get you unfollowed and (most likely) a DM expressing my disgust. If I want to connect with you on any other platform, I’ll to reach out to you. Don’t force it down my throat.
  • Sending me a DM and asking me to do something for you (like share a post) when we’ve never spoken is not going to go over well, either. #justsaying

I know what you’re thinking; you don’t do any of these things, but you still don’t get a follow back. Don’t worry! I have a simple solution for you. If there is someone you really want to add to your network, Tweet them. Don’t wait for them to notice you – get in front of them! Stand out from the Tweeting crowd! Introduce yourself and ask a question to get the conversation going.

What do you look for in a profile when deciding to follow back on Twitter? What are some of your Twitter pet peeves? Share them in the comments below, or Tweet them to me at @lediamedia.

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