Will Influencer Marketing Undergo Some Dramatic Changes in 2020?

When we say that influencer marketing is here to stay, it comes across as a clichéd statement because it is stating the obvious. This year saw the strategy of influencer marketing breaking newer grounds with influencers driving a higher engagement rate in a majority of campaigns. We will be soon seeing the back of 2019. So, what is in store for influencer marketing in 2020? Will it still be a force to reckon with or will the bubble burst?

We are already seeing a shift in the purpose. Brands are now using influencer marketing increasingly to reach out to younger consumers who are more concerned about the relevance and quality of brands. Will the younger audience form the core of the influencer marketing strategy for 2020? Will we see more of micro-influencers?

It is now a broadly accepted fact that unlike in the past, the success of a campaign driven by influencers does not depend on the quantum of followers. The rate of engagement plays a key role too.

Boost Engagement with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers generally have fewer followers but they drive a higher engagement rate. They are more likely to create meaningful relationships with their audience because they have lesser fans to deal with. Also, micro-influencers do not create a dent in your account as they are more affordable compared to celebrities.

The Emergence of Nano Influencers

In 2020, marketers might take this even further by using nano influencers for furthering their marketing goals. Nano influencers are digital citizens with a very ordinary audience following but capable of achieving 100% authentic engagement. They are not mini-celebrities and do not even remotely fit the definition of a successful brand ambassador but they are sought-after for their engagement capabilities.

In 2020, micro-influencers and nano influencers are expected to become even more important in the marketers’ scheme of things.

The Growing Demand for Ephemeral Content

Surely, you must have heard about Instagram Stories by now. They are a rage and also the primary reason for the increasing popularity of ephemeral content. These are time-restricted content known for kicking up an anticipatory buzz around it. It can create a higher level of brand engagement and generally believed to be more authentic. With exciting stories and brand engagement going hand in hand in ephemeral content will be among the mainstays of digital marketing strategies for 2020.

Campaigns Powered By Data

Brands will be able to create more effective and fruitful campaigns by incorporating the latest technologies that allow access to automated and seamless data analytics. Sophisticated technologies are already available to understand and unravel user behavior better. Offers can be easily made more attractive in 2020 by making the content highly personalized using these tools.

Why In-house Influencers Can Be the Next Big Thing

Finding the right influencers that sync with your brand image is extremely tough. That’s why 2020 might see in-house influencers play a dominating role in marketing campaigns. With the hassle of content distribution out of their way, the in-house influencers can focus completely on building relationships with the audiences.

Focus Will Be On the Bigger Picture

If you are still focused on interacting with the customers on customers on specific stages of their journey, it is clear that you are still stuck in 2019. In 2020, your brands will have to find ways of delivering a comprehensive experience all through the marketing funnel. This will demand a higher level of creativity in your story-telling capabilities for retaining audience attention.

As mentioned earlier, it is very clear that influencer marketing will play a critical role in marketing campaigns in 2020. However, there will be a complete transformation in its form with newer methods being continuously explored by marketers. Keep watching this space.