Will Vine Be the Next Big Content Marketing Craze?

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ tend to get all of the attention when it comes to interacting with audiences – and for good reason. These networks are well-established and rake in plenty of visibility. But with other players like Vine offering up a surprising amount of potential as well, is staying the course with these standard offerings really the best call for you and the brands you represent?

To decide if now is the time to get ahead of the curve by developing Vine-friendly content, let’s delve into the particulars of this platform and why it could be the next big thing to rock the content marketing world.

What’s the Big Deal?

Before talking about how to maximize your impact on Vine, let’s look at why this platform matters to marketers and other players in the world of content marketing. Carmel DeAmicis of Gigaom notes that Vine currently lays claim to over 40 million users and 1.5 billion daily “loops.” In case you’re not familiar with this social lingo, a loop is the equivalent of a video view on this network.

Of course, radically altering how you approach content development requires more than just hard stats. Practical Ecommerce’s Samantha Collier points out that the enhanced connectivity with parent-company Twitter and an overwhelmingly positive amount of social buzz (an 8:1 positive-to-negative ratio in mentions according to research conducted via Social Mention) generates a flexible and effective path to reaching target audiences.

When combined with the raw numbers offered up by DeAmicis, the message is clear: Vine is poised for a prime position within the overlap between the worlds of social media and content marketing.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Social Media Examiner’s Kristin Hodgkinson explains that there are a few key examples worth mentioning and studying as you learn more about the intricacies of navigating this emerging network.

At the top of the list are offerings like Dunkin’ Donuts’ and Adidas’ sports-centric vines. These videos – which covered the Super Bowl and World Cup, respectively – helped play on the nostalgia of past events and set the stage for future interaction with followers. For brands of any type, that kind of connection and impact is hard to pass up.

Disney’s “Show Your Disney Side” contest fostered a strong brand message, as well as an opportunity to elicit responses and reactions from the Vine community as part of a greater content marketing initiative. This example shows that even without commissioning a video of your own, Vine can still be an integral part of your efforts to promote the brands you represent.

Maximizing Your Impact on Vine

Now let’s talk about forging a path to success of your own on this network. In terms of getting off on the right foot, Mark Sherbin of the Content Marketing Institute suggests picking a message that shows off the best features of the brand.

One of the most powerful applications of the Vine network is the demonstration post. Can you fit the use of a product or service into a six-second video? If the answer is yes, then Sherbin thinks you have the ability to do something truly special with your following.

Speaking of this following, don’t be afraid to request interactions and responses from these consumers. Much like the aforementioned “Show Your Disney Side” content, getting the core message of your campaign trending on Vine – and potentially Twitter as well – is a powerful practice.

The final piece of the puzzle is understanding that there’s nothing in the Vine rulebook that says you can’t repurpose older content as a way of making waves on this network. Naturally, you won’t want to chop up a YouTube video for the sake of being cheap or lazy. However, if there are key points or truly memorable portions of this content that are worth breathing new life into, there’s no reason not to go for it.

If you can do this, as well as put to good use the rest of what you’ve learned here, then there’s nothing stopping you and the brand(s) you represent from making the most out of content marketing on Vine.

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